A major and powerful force in one of the most successful music groups of all time, Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees died May 20 at the age of 62.

I feel that this is way to young an age to pass. First it was Whitney Houston, then Donna Summer, and now Robin Gibb. I guess the old saying of “death comes in threes” is true. We feel and somewhat expect celebrities to live long or in some cases maybe forever.

But that will never happen and once in a while, death will happen to all of us. And death has come once again. Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees has passed away.

I feel that the music of my past and childhood is slowly passing away into infinity. Never to be recreated or sang again by the original person that sung that certain song that we had liked and enjoyed so very much.

Call me a romantic, a dreamer of the past, old fashion. I don’t care what you call me. But the past was much simpler than now I feel. The Bee Gees music I feel was timeless, original, not some form of a remixed song. It was joy and perfection to me.

Or maybe the sixties and seventies did finally catch up with him? Who knows… Who cares? What I care about is the fact that we have once again lost another great true talent.

How can we forget that he was part of a trio that gave up all such great music?

I for sure can’t. It’s video clips like the one above that is one of the many reason that I like YouTube. 🙂

Hell… They gave us the Saturday Night Fever Movie Soundtrack!

I remember in my younger years going to the club (It was called “Spectrum.’)  that still had the actual dance floor from the movie and a small group of us got on the dance floor after we requested the DJ to play the Bee Gees song “You Should Be Dancing.” And we got on the dance floor and danced to the song just like in the video above. We danced with precision like as if we were the Radio City Rockettes all doing that dance. Granted the dance floor was short width wise but did have length. We tried our best to do so, there was eight of us, two rows of four people dancing to the song in rhythm. We all got a good kick out of it. So did the crowd as well.

I will say this much, I am glad YouTube was not around then. But I think it was a good drunken attempt at a movie dance number. That for me was one of the many fond memories that I have when I hear that song.

Robin Gibb will be missed, never forgotten and never replaced. R.I.P. Robin.


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