Now this is something that has been on my mind  for some time now, and I wanted to share my thoughts about this. If anyone has met or known me, knows that I enjoy airplanes and air travel. The whole concept totally fascinates me. It a miracle of science and technology that man kind can build machines (Airplanes) that transport people into the air and travel at great distances.

When we all go to an airport such as JFK or LGA in New York City we all think about this.

We all have seen this. The plane that you are about to get on is getting prepped, loaded, programmed for flight and so on. We don’t think or worry about “the worse” to happen.

Such as this.

Or this.

Well… I don’t worry about it. This is something that can happen on any flight at any given time.

US Airways Flight 1549 and Lot Polish Airlines Flight 016 as seen in the photos above have two things in common. And that is two flights that were forced to “ditch” due to a technical difficulties.

But the one thing that I find to be the best part of both of the above flights, US Airways Flight 1549 and Lot Polish Airlines Flight 016 is the fact that there was no deaths, or fatal injuries.

The planes where both landed with training, skill and experience. It could have been worse.

But that was not the case to be this time around once again. Like the old saying goes. “Any landing that you can walk away from is a good one.”

It takes guts to land a plane is such conditions, and even more guts not to panic or have a heart attack if you are the passenger trying to survive such a landing. But the skill of the pilots have got all aboard safely on the ground. And that is always a good thing to happen.

We all pray or say to ourselves. “Please let me get to where I need to be alive.” I admit it… I do. Even when I travel to work, for anything can happen to you while one is traveling in any form.

This is a story that could have ended worse, but that was not the case. If anything… It’s one hell of a story to tell when you get back from vacation. Overall… It’s a story with a happy ending. Myself I will still keep flying when I travel from state to state or country.

But it is nice to know that the skill of the pilots and crew can get you to where you want to go safely. It does not happen every time a place crashes, but it’s great to know that one can happen and the people on the flight survive.



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