STEVE JOBS 1955 – 2011 R.I.P.

He had a vision and a concept on how the world should be in computing, he followed his gut and did it all his way. He changed the world. He changed the world in ways that no one ever could think of. Not that many people on this planet can do such a thing, but he did.

He probably never did think that it could happen this way, or maybe he did. We will never know, in any case he was the master of what he did, and he did it well. Granted, I am a Windows type pc person, but I do respect all that use a MAC. Matter of fact this post is being done on an Apple MAC pc.

He was a master showman, a computer wiz, genius, visionary, and so much more. But as we all know in life, we all die and life evolves. Maybe the next person will take the whole Apple, I-Phone, I-Pad, I-Pod thing to the next level. He brought the whole concept of personal computing to the masses.

He made the personal computer “personal.”

Heaven just got an upgrade I think.

It’s now going to be interesting on how Apple will go without his direction and vision. And of course all the world will be watching if and when the next new product or upgrade comes out.

Regardless of your technological skill, whether you’re addicted to that red light that blinks on top of the BlackBerry (CrackBerry) or swear your allegiance to the Android cellphone, it’s hard to deny the industry-changing power of Jobs and the Apple brand. Before the iPhone, an app-running, touch-screen device didn’t exist. It was the first true smart phone, just as the iPad was the first true tablet computer.

Only in America that you can start a company from your home garage and make it into a billion dollar empire, the true American dream he lived and he lived it very well.

Bravo to you Steve Jobs! You changed the world and had set the bar for all to challenge and go beyond. What’s next for Apple? Let’s just all wait and see, for this will be interesting to follow.

Steve Jobs will truly be missed, admit it or not, he will be missed.



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