So it seems that hurricane Irene has passed through New York City over this past weekend. This is my personal account of what has happened during that time.

Now granted… In all my years of living in New York City. I have never been through a hurricane, it’s one thing to see and watch such an event on television, as it happens in another state. But it’s totally different when it actually happens in your city and or town.

In any such event many people did take the warning seriously and stocked up on grocery items, batteries, bottled water and so on. But to actually find out that parts of New York City and some hospital’s were being evacuated, along with the New York City mass transit system being shut down.

Did make you start to think that the worse might just actually happen. At one point over the weekend the weather did start to change and the sky did start to go dark as if a major thunderstorm was about to pass through. But it was more than just a typical rain storm.

Even at one point I did have to go to one of the few grocery stores to get some last-minute items that I had missed in my first trip out to the store, which by the way I did get. But the second trip out was way different this time. For as I was walking to the store I had noticed that there was NOBODY outside. It was as if I was the only person on the planet Earth just walking around. All you seen was just the neighborhood buildings, cars parked on the street, but no buses or people walking around.

That was just a very odd feeling to go through I think. Then the hurricane started to pass through. Lost of rain and very dark sky’s from above. And reports on the local news about some area’s being flooded. And then the thought hits you from out of nowhere…. “This is actually starting to happen!?!?”

That is when you really start to wonder about the outcome of what was going on. There were reports on the local news about “the worse case situation.” That was constantly being reported, and news reports of the local power being shutdown in some areas to prevent damage.

But as far as I know… That did not happen. I do have to admit that having our mass transit system shutdown for a hurricane was a first. Considering that the system does run 24/7/365 days of the year. Normally if a shutdown does happen it’s usually due to a strike.

But not this time… We was warned many a time that it was going to shut down, and they did just that. Shut it down. You were stranded in any local area with pretty much no way out. And of course it was just to risky to drive anywhere in a car. You was just better off staying indoors.

Some parts of my area were slightly flooded, but it seems not to have been that bad. Thank Goodness for that… Plus it seems not that bad for most of New York as well, it could have been worse. The subway and bus system is starting to get back to normal now, and should be fully up and running soon.

So it seems that we have made it through this event. Let’s just hope that we don’t have to go through this again.

Right now the weather outside is a bright sunny day and the sky is a perfect shade of the color blue, I hope that it does stay this way for a very long time in the days ahead.



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