Guess who’s back?

If you are a follower of my blog, I have used the image of ‘The Joker” several times in my postings. The last time it was used was when I posted a subject called “I guess the joke is on him.” You can view the post at the following link.

“I guess the joke is on him.”

No we did NOT get back together. However after being accused of telling a “one-sided” story. I feel that I have to explain the post.

The person that accused me of telling a “one-sided” story was Whitney. The person and the subject of the above mentioned post. It all happened like this.

The other night for some odd reason and with no logic to it. (Pardon the pun…) I had thought to text him, just to say “hello.” After a short discussion (that was all done via text message) he had told me that we was still reading my blog after we had separated. But stopped after reading that post. For the record I was glad to find out that he read the post.

Then he made the comment that “the post was a one-sided story of what had happened.”  My reply text to that comment was the following. “Yes… It was one-sided due to the fact that you was M.I.A.”

But in defense of my “I guess the joke is on him” post and another post called “Happy new year, please tell me that what you said was a joke?” That is also based on him. He did NOT take the time to contact me or even defend himself and his actions.

And I think that what brought this comment on what the fact that I told him. “Most of the comments people made about him  (you) were quite “vapid” and I thought that out of respect it was not best to post those comments in public.” As well I did say the following comment right after that statement. The second comment was “It was one of my better postings.”

So overall the following statement that I had made to him. “Most of the comments people made about you were quite “vapid” and I thought that out of respect it was not best to post those comments in public. However… It was one of my better postings actually.”

Seemed to have upset him, and he did mention to me that he was “thick-skinned.” But if that was the case then you should have not brought up the fact that you stopped reading my blog after that post. Or felt upset about it being posted in the first place. I think it’s called “damage control?!?!” If one feels that their reputation was smeared.

I DID NOT smear anyones reputation. I simply told the truth about my side of the story.

Now to defend my statement of. “Yes… It was one-sided due to the fact that you was M.I.A.” Is the fact that he did NOT send me any message via text, or e-mail or even call me to discuss the matter.

So if a person is not going to defend their side of the story or subject, then I have to write what I know as the truth and only the truth. I do have I guess what you can say is… “Bloggers ethics.” And I am not going to lie about any given subject.

Specially if the blog, my blog that is based on my life, events in my life and items going around during my travels as well highlight my photography. Will not be lied about.

And if there is any subject that I am working on for my blog, they are all throughly researched before posting. The one think I will not do to my blog is delete an already posted subject. If I am wrong about any of my posts I WILL correct it or even post a corrected post with the links to show any and all details and history.

Granted… He did not at any time request any one of the two posts to be deleted or retracted. Just incase you was wondering about that. And my reasoning for posting the post was a good source of therapy for me. And I am glad that I did post it for it was a good release for me.

I did not post it to be evil or vindictive. I just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings about what has happened to me at that point in time.

“I have no regrets on any of my postings. I have no regrets about what has happened. I simply told the truth in an open forum. My blog and my photography are a part me and my life. I blog and take photos, there for I am. To understand me via my blog is just another way to get to know me, if we never physically meet in person. For once I have slipped the bonds of earth at life’s end, and journey to the next form of life or after-life. My blog will still be around and represent my legacy.”

With that all said, I hope this clears up any misunderstandings anyone might have had. Until the next time.



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