Now this is an interesting photography story I think. And one that you might like.

For some time I wanted to do a photography post for the fourth of July holiday. So I came up with an idea and concept, and gave it the code name “Project Liberty.”

Project Liberty was to be a series of photographs of the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor during a sunset.

Now for the past few days and weeks the sunsets in New York city have been quite spectacular, and I thought that for “Project Liberty” taking photos of the Statue of Liberty during one of these spectacular sunsets would have been a great idea for a fourth of July photography post.

If you follow me on Twitter at.: http://twitter.com/LUIS_CASTRO_NYC  You will notice from time to time that I tweet updates on current photography projects that I am working on for my blog. Here is the time line from my Twitter data stream about “Project Liberty.” (See below.)

Soon I will start my final prep work for my Statue of Liberty sunset #photo session. I hope to get some good shots.

I have my #photography gear ready, now I just have to walk to the water front & find a good location.

I found a good spot for my “Liberty” #photo shoot. Hello Miss Liberty smile, 4 the camera please. http://twitpic.com/5k9zk3

(Since I had gotten to my location early I tweeted a few random photos and thoughts as well, for I did have some time to kill.) My next tweet is below.

Me with my gear waiting for the perfect shot.

(Of course I just pulled out my BlackBerry and snapped this photo of me with my gear. And I posted it to my Twitter account. And actually… I like this photo.)

Then there was the “random thought” tweet that I posted next, which was…

OMG!!! This little kid is playing the piano like fucking Mozart!!! http://twitpic.com/5kb484

And let me tell you! The girl was playing Mozart! She was great!

Shortly after my last tweet above. It was time to start taking photos for “Project Liberty.”

After an hour of taking photos I tweeted the following two updates.

I hate to say this… But photo shoot “Project Liberty” has taken another form. Yea… Lady Liberty went mustang on me. #TangoUniform

If you was ever in the military you know what #TangoUniform means. If not… Wiki or Google it. 🙂

(To prevent you “the reader of this post” from leaving my post early and going to Wikipedia or Google, here is the definition of “Tango Uniform.”)

List of U.S. government and military acronyms

T – TU – Tits Up (Dead, Inoperable), a.k.a. “tango uniform

Yes… You guess right folks! My photography project was becoming a major fuck up! What makes this really bad, was the fact that it was happening right in the middle of my photo session! Usually what I do when it comes to photography is after concept, and planning. I would take as many photos I can of the subject and then once I am home pick the best ones to post on my blog.

But this time, each and every photo I took just did not seem right to me. For I felt that the lighting was “off set” and the sunset was not that spectacular I thought as well. Plus I had only a limited window of time to take these series of photos. Yea… “Project Liberty” was becoming “dead and Inoperable” right before my very eyes. For I really wanted this to be my fourth of July holiday post.

In my frustration I turned my camera and took the following photo of lower Manhattan.

After reviewing the above photo (got to love a digital camera for being able to do such a thing.) I said to myself. “Oh… I like this, I really, really like this!”

So “Project Liberty” very quickly became “Nightfall.” And I started taking photos like a bat out of hell for the sun was starting to set. But during that time I was able to play around with my camera settings and got what I had thought were some great photos. Unlike the “Liberty” photos I was just not happy with each picture I took.

For the record… I came up with the name “Nightfall” only after taking some time to think about it once I had gotten home to review my work. For keeping the name “Project Liberty” did not seem right to me. So without any further mention I present to you “Nightfall.”

By the way… If you are wondering will I ever do a photography post called “Project Liberty?” My answer is… “Yes.” For the concept of Project Liberty being a series of photographs of the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor during a sunset, is just way too good to pass up I think. So some time down the line I will post “Project Liberty” at a later date.

But for now I present to you….. (Have a happy Fourth of July holiday by the way.)


For the next photo below, it would be best if you clicked on it to see the best view of the photo.

The same goes as well for the photo below too.




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