This post is actually the “part two” to a previous post that I had made back in January of this year. The post was called “happy new year, please tell me that what you said was a joke.” If you have not read the post I will give you the Readers Digest version of it. Long story a short one. An ex of mines that I dated a few years back and have not spoken to in four years, reaches out to me. Admits he was wrong for breaking up with me, and wanted to try again.

Let’s just say… That he blew it once again.

You would think that a person that breaks up with you and then from out of the blue calls you to tell you that he wants to try again would not make the same mistakes like last time. Actually… He did not make the same mistake twice. This time it was a whole new fault this time around.

Granted… It did start well in the beginning. But shortly afterwards it slowly just fell apart. He just seem not to put an effort into anything. No call backs, no reply to my text messages, not even a call of “Hey, how you doing?” I had gotten none of that. It was like I was dating a ghost.

I was the one that always had to make the plans to come over and visit. He would not even say to me “Want to come by this weekend?” I had gotten none of that. And of course I had asked him from time to time if everything was o-kay with us and he would reply back “yes.”  And that he was very happy with the way things were with us. I guess he was just more happy spending his nights drinking his three cans of twenty-four ounces of Old English beer and smoking his dam Newport cigarettes than spending it with someone who might actually care for him.

Granted…. Him drinking his Old English beer and smoking his Newport cigarettes is something he does every night. And I did try to have him go out and maybe we do things together, like go to dinner or even catch a movie. But that was never the case. We talked about it, but it just never happened.

So I had gotten to a point that I thought it would be best to end this. The funny thing about that is the fact that when I called I had gotten his voice mail and I just left him a message that I could not do this any more for he just failed to reach out and make some sort of effort. It was like dating a ghost I thought to myself.

Now you would think that I would have gotten a call back when he heard his voice mail. But guess what? NO CALL BACK!!! NOTHING! NADA! ZERO! Not even a call back as to why I was breaking up with him. It’s like I was dating a Hitler youth ice princess. Cold… No emotion, and no care to another persons feelings.

I just thought it was odd that I did not get a call back. But then again to be honest, I had a feeling that was going to be the case with him. And to a lesser extent, I am completely fine with what I did. For I know that it was not my fault. He was just not being supportive or showed any emotions.

Then again… He did claim to me when we did talk that the lack of emotions came from his up bringing as a child. If that is the case then I feel that he has an issue to address before going on to the next person he meets. Whitney… (Yea… The guys first name is Whitney!) was a very interesting and attractive  person. But I just feel that he really needs to work on his issues and thoughts about relationships.

Otherwise… He is just better off alone. It is kind of sad to say that. But he really needs to think about what he as done and as well address any other issue he might have had in the past with men before I came around. Look… I am going to be totally honest in saying that I was hoping that the second time with him would be better than the first, for I do enjoy a good come back story. But I just can’t go through this lack of support and emotion from him. Maybe he will learn that, then again maybe not. Only time will tell.

How do I feel about what has happened? To be totally honest… I am completely fine. Granted there is no joy in breaking up with someone. But at the same time, I felt no sorrow as well. It had to be done… Maybe I will get an answer from him as to why it went the way it did, then again I may never know.

But I will say this much… I am not holding my breath waiting for an answer as to why it happened. I am just going to go on with my life. If he ever sees me on this streets or in a club and wants to talk to me that is fine. We can talk… But I have a feeling that if and when that time comes, I am not going to get much of an answer from him.



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