The following post has mature subject matter and content, reader discretion is advised.


For the St. Valentine’s Day holiday, a holiday known for love and relationships, I wanted to do an interview with an interesting twist; the following interview is with the owner CEO of Dunkin’s Playground.

Dunkin’s Playground located at http://www.dunkinsplayground.com/ a website that specializes in Black Gay Porn, Gay Thugs, Big Dicks and Bubble Butts. Yes… you read correctly “Gay Porn.” What’s very interesting about this website is the fact that it has over 212,294 hits on this website, a website that has only been active for three months.

Dunkin’s Playground has exploded on to the internet with the force of a juggernaut with images and videos of porn. And with blog subject postings ranging from cock size, (Big Dicks) to Bi Latin men and many more subjects too.

One of the highlights of Dunkin’s Playground I feel is the “Cupcake of the Day” post which highlights images of what is to be considered some of the hottest men willing to show and bare all.

What I wanted to do for this interview is ask and explore his thoughts about the success of his website/blog. And get some of his insights and thoughts about the male gay lifestyle as well.


The Interview:

Lu Logic: Now I know that the title I selected for this interview is called “Life, Love, Lust, Relationships and an Interview with a Pornagrapher.”  Do you feel that the word “Pronagrapher” might be too strong or intense for you to describe yourself? After all a website or blog that a person might own and run would be considered an extension of them. Or would you more consider yourself more as a “visual artist?”

CEO Dunkin: Hmm let me think “Pornagrapher” is that too strong to describe myself? I’d have to say no because I am but I’m also a “visual artist”, I mean what porn blogger isn’t. We look at movies and scenes day in and day out and determine which are going to be shown on our respective sites. I can’t speak for anyone but myself when I say that, I look for high quality images. If the picture makes me say damn, or evokes a feeling out of me then I know that I’ve found the right image.

Lu Logic: What were your expectations when you started Dunkin’s Playground? And did you ever contemplate the possibility of failure?

CEO Dunkin: When I first started Dunkin’s Playground I didn’t think it was going to half as good as it is. Still to this day it shocks me when I see the numbers grow exponentially and I see how much people compliment me on it. It makes me feel great. It is a humbling feeling. Every day I contemplate failure and that makes me want to think of new and innovative ideas that give me longevity. Without failure you cannot achieve greatness is what I say. I try to think about the possibility of failing so that I don’t. It feeds me to do so much more and I try to expand my horizons because of it.


Lu Logic: What has been the best and worse criticism you have gotten about your website and how do you feel about the comments made about your website?

CEO Dunkin: The best criticism has been that I’m taking the industry by storm. When studio directors email me and tell me they want me to put something on my site or ask if I can interview their models, it makes me feel good. The worse has been that I don’t have any “blog ethics’ now I totally disagree with this statement because it is a lot of things I don’t like and I will stand up for it. I am a very opinionated personated and I don’t mind telling something on my blog. My opinions are my opinions and are based on how I feel in general. It doesn’t matter if I like you or not. I just have my stands on some things, but so far that has been the worst. I think the person said that to be spiteful because I didn’t like them. At the end of the day I can care less, they don’t put food in my mouth or money in my pocket.


Lu Logic: What have you learned from the comments you have gotten about your website? Do or would you use it as “feedback?”

CEO Dunkin: I get a lot of comments and I get a lot of feedback and I try to give everyone something that they like. I use all the comments I get as suggestions for new post maybe, or just some insight as to what the fans really want to hear. You’ll be surprised at the things people want to see. So I use the comments as a guideline of some sort. I want to be able to please my readers and fans. Even though, I can’t please everyone… I’d at least like to try and please the majority. LOL


Lu Logic: You have over 200,000 hits on your site in less than three months. Do you feel that you may have discovered something that gay men are looking for online?

CEO Dunkin: I do. LOL and it feels soooo good. OMG you have no idea because it usually takes blogs, especially a new blog years to see those numbers and I did it in 3 months. I think I found what was missing, I have a clear concept as to what I want to see on it and I put my time and effort into my site. I’m dedicated to Dunkins Playground and I work really hard. I think people can see my originality and my hard work. It shows a lot when you can put out something and be proud of it.


Lu Logic: With fame comes the support of those that like what you are doing. As well the “haters” that might be jealous of your online success and might try to take you down. How do you feel about those that hate the success that you are having with your website?

CEO Dunkin: I love the haters because they make me wake up everyday and say ahhh I love what I do. If I didn’t have haters I would be worried because that means I must be doing the same thing that every other person does out there and I wouldn’t want that. I want people to hate because I am different. I love it, because I would never give anyone that much power over me to make me want to stop what I’m doing.


Lu Logic: I have mentioned before that “a website or blog that a person might own and run would be considered an extension of them.” So I thought to ask the following question. Let’s say that one day you are in the New York City subway and (God forbid…) you are pushed off the platform onto an oncoming train. And die from your injuries. Friends and family will remember you, and your website will still be online on the Internet even after your friends and family are all gone too so many years later. So my question is the following. “What do you want your legacy to be once you have passed and no longer able to update your site? What do you want your followers of Dunkin’s Playground to remember you for?”

CEO Dunkin: I actually want my site to keep being updates, I want to be able to hire people to update for me and always be out there researching and promoting the next biggest thing. That is what my legacy of Dunkin’s Playground would be. Hopefully, I expand large enough to have different sites (offices) in different areas that people work and are dedicated to the craft. I want my followers to remember how resourceful I was and how thorough I can be. That is what my legacy is going to be.


Lu Logic: Now since this is a St. Valentine’s Day post I do want to ask you the following questions. “Do you think that watching or looking at nude photos and or videos helps or hurts a gay relationship?”

CEO Dunkin: For some it helps and for others it hurts. It’s the same thing as a threesome, some enjoy it and welcome it, and others do not. A nude image could be a nude image and that is all, but some people look at it as a form of cheating. Like why should you man be looking at another naked man if he has me in the bed. Whereas another couple would love looking it and watching porn to increase their sexual abilities and maybe learn some new sexual positions. I happen to encourage it because some porn is great to watch and it can make you want to try something new.


Lu Logic: With STD’s and HIV still around what are your thoughts about gay men that like to have “raw” or unprotected sex?

CEO Dunkin: I think we need to be grown and learn the risk. Everyone needs to be smart and I’m tired of people being careless and then ending up with the illness, feeling jaded and then going out there and infecting other people. At the end of the day, we are all grown and need to know that if you have unprotected sex with someone else there is a possibility for an infection of any kind. SIMPLE


Lu Logic: The next question is along the lines of the previous question. I have encountered some men that like and prefer videos of men having sex with no condoms. My thoughts about it are “To each their own.” After all it is a matter of preference.” And looking at such a video can be hot.  What are your thoughts about “raw videos?”

CEO Dunkin: Raw videos are really big right now, because society as a whole loves the fact that you are taking risks. Some people have addictive personalities and get off at the fact that they know they can caught something. I’ve seen it so many times. As someone who is in the industry (being that I write about it and have contact with these people) I know that raw videos out sell condom videos because of that fact. But personally, I wouldn’t do it in my own bedroom. NOPE


Lu Logic: I feel that by asking the following that I may have crossed the line when it comes to asking a question. For most people that I talk to in person say to me that they feel comfortable talking to me at times. But after some thought I just wanted to ask you the following.

People talk about having an open and honest relationship with their “other half.” If you were dating someone would you tell them about what you do? As well mention that you are the creator of the website? Or would you keep those details as private?

CEO Dunkin: Yes of course, that would be the 1st thing I would tell them, I’m not ashamed at what I do and I’m proud of it. I would tell them I am the creator and owner because I am. I don’t sleep with any one I put on my site so there shouldn’t be a problem and besides there needs to be trust and communication.


Lu Logic: Enough with the St. Valentine’s Day theme questions. *smile, wink* Now I would like to ask you the following. What are your plans for Dunkin’s Playground in the months and weeks ahead? Are there any subjects that you are going to cover or expand on? Please feel free to promote yourself.

CEO Dunkin: As far as subjects I have no idea. To be (I’m going to be 100% honest) most of my topics come to me the day of posting. I know sooo strange right. I might have an outline of what I want to do, but it doesn’t often happen that way. LOL. Creative people have so much going on in their heads its crazy. But I do have a DVD giveaway from some of the popular studios like Thug seduction, Flavaworks and Thug overload in which I will be doing a little DVD contest and sending DVD’s out. So I have that, I have my porn company DKBOYS that I will be directing and producing really soon and I can’t wait for that. Just be on the lookout for me!


Lu Logic: Are there any subjects you will not cover or refuse to do? And if so why is that?

CEO Dunkin: No Id cover anything and everything. NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS! LOL


Lu Logic: I find that with my blog http://lulogicblog.com/sometimes I can be my worst critic. But at the same time I check and recheck everything that I post before it goes on-line, the same goes for my photography too. For I feel that if it’s not perfect I can’t post it. Do you feel the same way about http://www.dunkinsplayground.com/?

CEO Dunkin: Yes I am my worst critic as well. I try and check everything but sometimes I’ll forget like a couple of typos here and there but its not on purpose, it might have slipped through the cracks. But generally I’m always fixing something. You might go one week on www.dunkinsplayground.com and see one layout and then see another layout the next week. LOL


Now the back story to the next question if you are still reading this post is that when I originally asked the question below. I gave CEO Dunkin a “bail out” and or “escape option.” Meaning that he did not have to answer the final question and he could have passed on it. After spending days working on this list of questions to ask him and thinking about it, as well our initial interaction discussing the post on Skype while it was still in the development stage was very easy-going and relaxing. So I thought to just take a chance and ask him anyway. And I am quite pleased that he was willing to answer it for me.


Lu Logic: And now that last and final question. As I mentioned before “I can be my own worst critic.” And one that strives for perfection when it comes to my website/blog. So I just wanted to ask you the following. How did you feel about the questions and subjects we have covered? Did I raise an eyebrow? Or did you think “Oh that question again?” Or were you fine with what was discussed and felt comfortable with what I asked?

CEO Dunkin: (You can post this) Your questions were fine, I didn’t have a problem with anything actually and I really did enjoy myself I must admit.  I love your blog, the photographs are great, the topics are great; especially that feet post. I love it! Keep it up and thanks for having me!



And there ends my online conversation with the CEO of Dunkin’s Playground. A “playground” that some people may or might not adventure into, but speaking for myself, I have enjoyed the trip to Dunkin’s Playground and do plan on visiting it quite often.

For I find that not that many people would admit that they will look at porn, or even explore it. But over the years I have been very open-minded to new and different things in life. Then again come to think about it I always have always been an open-minded person.

And this was a subject that I have wanted to explore and I am glad that I did do so.

I do want to take a moment to say “Thank you” to CEO Dunkin for letting me ask these questions and posting them, and as well I wish him all the best in the weeks and months ahead with his website/blog.



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