Being unemployed like I have been, I am thankful that from time to time that I can get sometimes a “job on the side.”  They usually last one day, but the extra money does help. Sometimes the job might be house cleaning, or running errands for a person that might be too busy to do them.

But my newest assignment is one that I fell that I am actually going to enjoy a whole lot, for I will be doing some photography work for someone in New Jersey.

They had seen some of my work on my website/blog and after a short exchange of e-mails I had sent them a proposal for the cost of the project and they have agreed to it. They have requested for some “head shots” to be taken of them and if this photography assignment works out well I might be able to get some more work from them too.

I see this as a start but it is better than nothing I feel. And I do hope that maybe by word of mouth that I might get some more work as well. So I have been planning and getting my photography gear ready for this weekend’s photo shoot.

The fact that I will be doing someone’s head shots for them it will be different for me this time around. For my last few post have been about the snow storms and blizzards that we have been having here in New York City for the past few weeks. Our first major storm was the day after Christmas and we have had a snow storm at least once a week since then.

So I feel that this would be a good change of pace for me, other than standing outside with my camera in very cold weather and in a middle of a blizzard. Mind you I did enjoy being out in the blizzard’s for I do like the snow. But I feel that I need a change right about now and a new subject to photograph.

If it’s outdoor photography taking photos of a major snow storm or taking someone’s head shots. I have discovered that they both have one thing in common. And that is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into a photo shoot.

But I am totally fine with that fact and I feel that I am getting the experience that I need for the next time, for it has been a while since I have done headshots and it would be a good change of pace for me too.

But I am happy that I got this assignment and I do hope that it leads into more paying work for me. So I am really trying to make an effort in making this all look good. Other than the next snow storm that is to happen on Saturday (once again…) I think that this will be fun to do. And as I have mentioned many times before I really do enjoy photography.

So once again (and with some joy doing so…) I will have my imaginary cross hairs in my eye balls.

As I attempt my next photography project. Granted I have done headshots before and the final product has come out better than I have even expected in the past. I am hoping that this will be the same case as well.

So with that all said, I guess it’s “best of luck to me.” And maybe in some way that maybe my luck has changed for the better. I just have to keep thinking positive about it. But I am sure all will be fine.


1 Response to “MY NEXT ADVENTURE.”

  1. February 2, 2011 at 5:31 PM

    Stay positive! Find the things you love about yourself, your great talent, and your life and celebrate them!

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