Now for the record, this post is not a complaint, gripe, or rant. If anything it’s an observation. If you read my blog I posted the events of what happened to me New Years Eve week. You can see the post at the following link below.


Long story short, it’s about a person that I use to date and after a four years absence he wanted to try again. I was a little hesitant. But after taking some time to think about it and talking to one of my friends about the situation I was convinced to try again.

Now I do believe giving people a second chance for I do enjoy a “comeback” story. And I had thought that the timing back then might not have been right with us, so I was willing to give it a second go around.

And I have to admit that it’s going well, we are getting reacquainted and I feel somewhat good about this and what it can become in the long run. In comparison to four years ago, he has become a totally new and different person, and I actually do enjoy it. Plus I have to admit that I do enjoy our time together.

But here is when my concern comes in. And like I have said before, it’s not a complaint, gripe, or rant. If anything it’s an observation. The only reason that I am stating this fact of an observation once again is because I know for a fact, the person that I am talking about does read my blog.

And my observation is the following.

In the past three weeks I have noticed that the amount of phone calls I have made to him has been more than what he has made to me. How is this an issue you might ask? I see it like this. I feel that with all the calls I have been making might make him feel that I am smothering him.

Granted I am not looking to get a call or text message from him every day. But at lease drop me a line once in a while just to see how I am doing. Why am I the one that has to initiate the call? Or at lease send a text message to me saying. “I am sorry for not calling, but I have been busy.” He has done that only once.

I know that there are times when you just can’t call someone.  But just check in once in a while so that I don’t have to wonder what is going on with you. I might text him in the morning saying “good morning” and I never call him when he is at work.

So when I do call it’s when I know or think he is home. The last time I called was yesterday and I left him a voice mail. And still at the time of me writing this I still have not gotten a return call or text from him. So now I have to wait maybe a day or two to try to reach out to him again. I give myself that amount of time so that he does not feel that I am smothering him, and that could be a cause for another break up.

And that is something I don’t want to go through again. A part of me does want this to work. But what gets me is the fact that we have spoken about this issue before, and he did correct it by calling a little more often, but once again he has gone back to the same routine.  So I guess I need to remind him again about this. But if I do that I might come off as being a “pest.” Like I said before, I know that a person can’t talk to someone every day. But at lease reach out once in a while to see how I am doing.

We do try to see each other on the weekends by me going to his place for the weekend. And actually due to scheduling issues, we have missed a weekend together. And that will happen from time to time, and I am totally fine with that. But at lease call me if you can’t see me, why do I have to make the move and call first?

I don’t want to start to feel that he has gotten hurt or something worse. I know that I should not worry after all he is grown. But at lease text me some time to say you are fine. I feel sometimes that when I call and get voice mail that the countdown begins, and ends once he does call.

Remember the television show “24” with that sound of the ticking clock?

That is what I hear in my mind as the countdown clock. (Funny how my mind works some times.)  If and when I do spend a weekend together with him I will bring up the issue once again as a concern and observation. And I hope that it will be corrected.

Or maybe this is just something about him that I might have to get use to. I will only know once we have this talk. To be totally honest I really don’t have any other issues with him. The time we have spent together has been very nice and better than I have expected.

So I do hope that the outcome from this will resolve this issue. It is a minor issue, and I hope that it’s one that we can work on. And I think that once we have the talk all will be well with us. I am sure that there will be a part two to this post as to what has happened during the talk and the outcome. If you ask me… I would like to think that the final outcome will work out just fine and all will be well with us.


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