Over the weekend I had one of my “on-line encounters” where someone tried to make a pass at me and they sent an e-mail doing so expressing their interest. The only difference with this encounter is the fact that I know this person and we do have somewhat of a history together a few years back.

It was more like that we flirted with each other and never expressed our interest with one another. Well… That changed over the weekend and we did actually did tell our interest in possibility dating each other. Once he discovered who I was we exchanged phone number and a phone call was made to talk about the subject further.

It was actually a good phone conversation, as we caught up on what was going on with us and shared our thoughts about taking it further if we did actually date. The only question now is. “Do we actually pursue this?”

For dating him would be nice, and interesting if anything but at the same time just might wreck a friendship.

We were planning on meeting over the weekend but he changed his mind for there were a few items he wanted to think about before meeting. And I am totally fine with that for it does give me a chance to think things over as well.

Its one thing to be a person’s friend, but it’s totally another thing if you start to date them. As well if things don’t go according to plan do we go back to just being friends? Or do we just end up no longer speaking to each other?

Personally I would hate to lose a friend so this is something that we should talk about. And I am interested and somewhat fascinated in what they would say about that issue. And of course I am willing to take that risk, but it’s a risk that I will explore with caution.

So once we do meet up I will have a better idea on what to do next. I am in no rush to be dating anyone; at this point in my life I will just take it one step at a time. Overall it could be a good thing or a bad thing. Also I am sure there will be a part two to this story. And as I always say. “Nothing is impossible unless you don’t try it.” So with that all said let’s see what happens next with us. One thing is certain… Our face to face meeting about all this if and when it does happen will make for a very good and deep conversation.


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