With myself being unemployed and looking for work I depend on the little money that I get from unemployment. Last week I filed for my usual funding on Friday as I always do, and I thought with the Columbus Day holiday I would receive it a little later than normal. Well this time that was not the case at all, after checking for two days past my usual day of when I receive my funding I still have not gotten my money.

Originally I thought my unemployment would last until November. I thought this based on my on-line account at the New York state unemployment office. Well it seems I was wrong and as of last week I was out of the standard funding.

It took me multiple phone calls to the unemployment office just to get an actual person on the phone. And all my attempts to reach someone on the phone took me over an hour. But I did get to reach someone and I was told that I needed to re-apply once again for my funding. When I asked them about the time-table on my on-line account, I was told that the information posted was wrong. WHAT THE HELL!!! How dare they have wrong information about my funding?

After that phone call I went back on-line and re-applied for my unemployment funding. It took a while for me to do this for I had to find my original paper work from when I first filed for unemployment. Once I found it I re-applied once again.

Then I had to print a confirmation page and call the unemployment office once again. And of course I had to wait over an hour to get a real person. Once I did get someone I gave them the information that they wanted over the phone. The person on the other end of the phone call told me that my funding would continue once again. And I would get my funding plus the funding that I have missed.

It seems that I am officially now on my extension of benefits and that will only last me twelve weeks. To be more precise until the end of the year, after that there will be no more funding. I will feel much better about this once I see the funding in my bank account next week.

But what bothers me the most is the fact that the information that they had on-line was wrong, you would think that the local unemployment office would have the correct information but they did not for I was not expecting my funding to end so soon. Based on what I had seen on-line I thought it would have been next month for my funding to end and for me to start getting my extension money.

Like I said before I will feel better once I see the money next week in my account. I wonder how many more people are having the same problem? Plus the fact that the local unemployment office rep did not even apologies for the on-line error is another concern for me. It was as if they admit they were wrong but want people to just “deal with it.”

For the record “yes… this is a rant.” But if other people who are reading this are unemployed I would recommend checking your unemployment funding to see that it is correct and that you don’t have to go through what I have been through.

It’s hard enough to be unemployed and look for work, but when you’re funding suddenly stops that is why too much stress for a person to go through.


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