One day while with my camera in DUMBO Brooklyn I had noticed that a few groups of people were taking photos. The neighborhood of DUMBO Brooklyn is a popular place for people to go to for a photography session.

Wedding photos are taken there; kids in film school go there as well and of course the usual tourist passes by as well to take photos too. But on this particular day a few months back I had noticed one group of people who I guess were trying to work on a photography project. But the odd thing about it I found was that the person and or subject that were being photographed looked way to perfect. For a moment I thought it was a manikin at first, but it was an actual person a woman to be exact.

But the way she looked it was just fake to me it did not look like the average person. No one I think would even try to look that good for a regular day. And even if they were going out to a late night date or event they still would not have looked as phony as this person I seen was. I guess the casual clothes she was wearing just did not match what I would consider for a casual look.

It was then I thought about doing a photo shoot with a person that had “flaws” and to do the photos in black and white to show and highlight the details. What I mean my “flaws” are things like a scar or mark on the skin of the person’s body. More of an average look for most people. I knew of one person that I wanted to photograph for the project and their body shape was a natural muscular look. And as well he had his usual scruffy unshaven appearance on his face. If you look closely you will see some of the models flaws.

When I seen him one day and told him about the photo project and my concept on how I wanted to do it, I then asked him if he was willing to be the model for my project. And his reply to me was in his usual “urban thug” voice replying back to me. “I don’t give a fuck.” That translates to “yes” So I set up the final details and we proceeded to a few locations to take the photos. Over one hundred photos were taken and after three months of reviewing the photos I had picked ten of them to be the final product of “Black Shadow.”

I hope you all enjoy the final product of what has become the “Black Shadow” project.

*Any and all images for the “Black Shadow” project have been copyrighted with the United States copyright office. http://www.copyright.gov/












2 Responses to “BLACK SHADOW”

  1. December 15, 2010 at 7:58 PM

    this is my fav set of pix. i may need to collab with you on my next book cover. hmm….keep it up!

  2. February 11, 2011 at 4:21 PM

    We could definitely use some images like these – we need to get you to shoot some more.
    I love photos that really capture the essence of the black male subject!
    Love it!

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