One of the things I have noticed when having a “love life” is that sometimes it has the ability to repeat it’s self. We might make the same mistake over again that might cause a person to break up with someone, and do the same exact mistake with the next person that we get involved with.

In my case this time around I was not at fault. I will explain. There is a person that I know who is (or I should say “was “after I told them off, I will explain this later in my story) interested in me. We met about seven years ago online on an online dating website. But after a few e-mail exchanges we lost touch. Only to rediscover each other again a few years later using a different website and once again we lost touch with each other.

Then some time last year we found each other again on another website. And this time around we have not lost touch of each other. We actually managed to exchange phone numbers and we started chatting on the phone to get to know each other.

From there after about two months of phone calls and e-mails to each other, we had decided to meet each other. And the sound of all this does sound exciting for I was going to meet the person that has been flirting with me online and on the phone for so long.

And I have to admit that they seemed stable and have no issues, so I was comfortable with meeting them. We set a date to meet and we actually did do so. It was at the time a very nice and pleasant first date with the promise of another date and seeing where this can go with us.

Then the bull shit from them started. After the first date we still kept in touch, but every time we tried to connect afterwards something came up and we had to change our meeting plans. We were both guilty of this, but he was way guiltier than me. At one point our excuses for not meeting was either we was both sick at that time, or he was busy with work.

Now granted it does happen of course, getting sick or being busy with one’s job. So after some time of playing the “Cat and Mouse” game.

I thought it would be best to ease up on contacting them and if they were still interested they would reach out. And actually they did and we did keep in touch, but every time I asked them when they wanted to meet, I got the excuse that they were very busy with work. So at one point I just said to them “When you are ready just get back to me.”

Then after that and some time would pass I would get a text message from them saying and asking how I was doing. I would reply back and of course I got the same old excuse at times of “I am busy with work” and so on. It was like as if they was still interested in me and would text me every three to four months to see if I would reply back to them.

Well guess what? They text me just this past Labor Day holiday weekend and once again asked me how I was doing. I replied back and they replied back to me as well saying that they were fine but busy with work.

After I got that text I replied back and my reply back to them ripped them a new ass hole. Basically I told them that all they do is just text me to see if I am still willing to reply back, and then after they express interest in meeting again they claim that they are always busy. And I mentioned that I was tired of the bull shit and the same old excuse being used over and over again.

I guess you can say “put up or shut up” was the point I was trying to make. After that text message they got the point that I was trying to make. For it seems that during all this time they was testing the waters to see if I was still interested in them but never followed through on meeting a second time. It makes me wonder why they did not follow through with us meeting again, but I am at a point with this person that I really don’t care anymore. After telling this person off their last reply to me was “sorry to have bothered you.”

But I have an odd feeling that after a few months they will try to reach out again. If they do depending on my mood at that moment, I might reply back and rip them another ass hole or I may not even reply back at all. It’s a shame that I may have to do this if they try to reach out, but unlike them I have moved on. Of course if they do try to reach out to me once again there will be a follow-up to this story, only time will tell.


1 Response to “OH… IT’S YOU AGAIN.”

  1. 1 PAGE
    September 8, 2010 at 2:24 PM

    You probably will get a kick out of ‘date watchers’ – a group of smart women weighing in on dating – another point of view. Cheers!


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