After my last post about the African arts festival, I spent the week on researching and reviewing three books that I plan to use as reference for my photography work. After spending a few days of on-line research I have decided to go get them. Now I thought that would be easy to do, just go to the local Barnes and Noble http://www.barnesandnoble.com/ and purchase them.

Well guess what? It was not, and a simple trip to the book store became a quest that spanned a few days. Now of course I could have made the purchase on-line, but thought that it would be better and easier to just go out and get them.

So I had taken a walk to downtown Brooklyn to a local Barnes and Noble and to my dismay they did not have the three books that I was looking for. So after spending a short moment in the store I thought to try a few book stores that I know of in the area that were more like “mom and pop” shops than a major chain.

While walking to my next location on a semi- crowded street, I hear a voice say “Yo… Lu Logic.” Now of course if someone sees a friend on the street one might call out there name. Or if they are close enough just reach out to get their attention and say “hi.” The part of this encounter that I found interesting and funny was the fact that I responded.

Granted I did not change my last name and “logic” is not one of my nick names. Over the years I have had friends call me by the following nick names. Luigi, Lestat, Loki, Lu-Lu, Piglet, but never “logic.” And actually come to think of it. I think I responded because I did hear “Lu.” So for me it was a normal reaction.

The person that called out to me was a total stranger, some guy trying to sell me some CD’s of music that he made. The reason that he called me the way that he did was because of the tee-shirt that I had on, the shirt that promotes my blog.

Now I wonder what would have happened if I had a tee-shirt that just said on it “007?” Does that now make me known as James Bond?

Would the person that called out to me say “Yo James.” If I did have such a tee-shirt on? If anything I would give him credit for originality in getting my attention. But a simple “hello” or “excuse me” would have worked just as well too. After hearing his short speech trying to sell me his CD I had politely turned him down and continued on my way.

For I was a man on a mission looking for these three books that I wanted. The mom and pop book stores that I went to did not have them also. So I tried another Barnes and Noble the next day, and once again this store that I went to did not have them as well. At this point I did feel like James Bond on a mission to find something that would save the world. Or in my case just make my day a good one.

So my exploration took me to a different place. Unlike James Bond who would fly off to some exotic land via British Airways first class. Little old me just had to take the subway into a place that was not so exotic like Rome or Paris. It was Manhattan. And of course when you ride the subway in New York City there is no first class, you are packed into a train with all the other masses of people.

So this was a “budget special” mission for me. Unlike Bond with his unlimited expense account, all I had was an unlimited train pass to get on the subway. Once in Manhattan I had gone to what was now my third Barnes and Noble book store to see if I could find what I was looking for. And I did have one more location to look into if they did not have it.

Three Barnes and Noble book stores and two mom and pop book stores in total searched and still no luck so far in finding what I was looking for. When I did get to the Barnes and Noble book store in the west village of Manhattan, I actually found what I was looking for all three books.

I asked a clerk there why such a shortage. And it seems that after he checked his files it seems that the books are on the verge of going out of publication, for reasons unknown. They might be in the process of updating them or just might go out of print.

The clerk even mentioned that if I had ordered it on-line there was no guarantee that it would have been available. So actually going hunting for them and traveling around town was the best thing for me to do. It did take a total of two and a half days. But I did find and get what I was looking for. So in an odd little way it was “mission accomplished” for me.

The three books will be great material for me to review when I work on my photography and will give me ideas as well. So my quest is finished and completed if I was Bond I am sure his boss “M” would just say “Bravo James, job well done.”

Personally… I am just glad I found what I was looking for. Funny how things turn out when it takes longer than expected, but it was worth the adventure for me.



  1. July 24, 2010 at 9:04 PM

    I love the Photo:Box collection. It’s a great buy for any photography enthusiast, don’t you think?

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