On Friday afternoon I was out and about taking care of a few errands that I needed to get done. While traveling (via walking) to my next appointment I was going east on Park Avenue in Fort Greene Brooklyn. On this particular avenue you will walk by the Walt Whitman housing projects. I have noticed that the street was closed off to traffic with yellow “do not cross” police tape.

Cars were forced to change directions however people were still allowed to pass through. So I continued my walk not thinking much about it. Then all of the sudden I have realized that I walked right into a crime scene. It seems that there was a shooting and someone was killed. The crime happened on Park Avenue and North Oxford Street in Ft. Greene Brooklyn.

Police and the office of medical examiner truck were there at the scene. Once I have seen the medical examiner truck that’s when I have known that someone was killed. If that was not the case the medical examiner would not have been there. Proximity eight to ten gunshots were fired based on the yellow number markers I have seen that NYPD had placed in the area.

According to the New York Daily news http://www.nydailynews.com/ the victim was twenty-six year old Michael Jones. What exactly happened no one knows it might have been an argument, or a drug deal gone bad as of today no arrests have been made.

Many folks out in the area where shocked and sadden by this.

For this was  something that anyone would not expect to happen on any given day, but unfortunately it did. As well the person might have been just an innocent bystander that was just caught in the cross fire. For during the summer time people have been known to just sit outside on a bench in the projects and just take in the nice day.

While I was there NYPD was in the process of finding out who this person was that was killed and if there were any next of kin to contact. Unfortunately in many of these types of cases when it comes to a housing project shooting it’s a young kid or person that is killed. For a parent to be able to outlive their child is a very sad thing and no parent should have to go through such a thing.

Since the area was closed off I had to take these photographs from a distance. At one point while taking the photos a police officer did ask me what I was doing. And after I told him that “I was taking photos of what happened.” The police officer asked me “mind if I take a look at them?” So I showed them to him not really thinking much of the request. After he reviewed the photos that I showed him, the police officer replied back to me saying. “Nice photos, good close up shots… Cool. O-Kay you can go ahead.”

Turns out the police officer was assigned to watch and cover the area from a distance and wanted to see what was happening up close. So he just asked me to see my close up photos since he could not get near the scene at that moment.

On the next day Saturday afternoon I went back to the area to see if anything else was going on. All that is left was a memorial for the victim and a few police officers on patrol. Below are the photos that I have taken while I was there on both days.

Below are photos of the next day (Saturday) after all was said and done once the NYPD crime scene unit left the area.


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