So I have recently found out that two of my closest friends are now unemployed. The long arm of unemployment has reached two of my friends who live in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Now of course unemployment is high in North Carolina and Pennsylvania just like it is in New York State. But up until recently they were both working.

And being a person that still has a job in this bad economy is one that is very lucky. And to a small extent I thought that they were “lucky” to have been working during these bad times. Matter of fact my friend that lives in Pennsylvania lost his administrative position that he has worked at for the last twenty-four years.

And my other friend in North Carolina lost his job of five years. It came as quite a shock to hear such bad news coming from the both of them. Matter of fact they both lost their jobs one day apart from each other. I had found out the news from them via separate phone calls. I called my friend in Pennsylvania one day just to see how he was doing and he told me the bad news.

After talking to him on the phone I immediately called my other friend in North Carolina to tell him the news since we do all know each other we at times might even do a conference call just to catch up with one another. But this time a conference call was not made, so I of course had to make two separate phone calls.

And after I told my friend in North Carolina the news he tells me. “I just lost my job too.” I was so taken away by the fact that they both lost their jobs at the same time. After a few days have passed I called my friend in North Carolina and then conference in my other friend from Pennsylvania. And we had a little group talk about being unemployed.

We all kicked around our thoughts about it and at one point I joked to the both of them saying “welcome to my world.” For out of the three of us I have been unemployed the longest. In days past they would both ask me “How I was holding up?” Checking up on me and my unemployment situation, but now it’s me asking them the same question. But the conversation was not all about being unemployed.

We joked and reminisced about days past and the fun we all once had when all three of us were together in the same state. And after some time of recalling days past, we all talked about what to do next since we are all not working. Our thoughts were wide and vast and at one point I suggested that me and my friend from Pennsylvania take a road trip to North Carolina just to take a break and regroup our thoughts.

Well… I thought it was a good idea. And so did my friend in North Carolina. But my friend who lives in Pennsylvania is a little hesitant. And that is totally understandable for he does own a house that he is making payments on and of course all his other bills. Once he gets situated with his unemployment and adjusts his spending and budget that may change.

I am all game for the road trip myself; I think it would be good for all of us. To use the time to get away and just take a break from the stress of life. All in good time this trip may happen, and personally I hope it does. For it would be a very fun and interesting adventure.

Once the conference phone call started to come to a close we all had the feeling of “glad we have gotten that off our chest.” For a good part of the call was a venting session among good friends. And sometimes a person needs that. Just to let out thoughts that one might have kept to themselves. Good friendships are hard to find and I have known these two guys for ten years now.

Friendships… or true friendships I should say will stay around no matter what happens. Though the good, the bad and the ugly. We all have had our bad moments, but I know that I can turn to my two closest friends if I ever need to talk and vent. And they know that they can do the same as well. And we all have done so in the past.

It’s a low point in our lives right now, but in time that low point will change to a high point. I always say that “things happen for a reason.” And I have even mentioned that to my friends. For one never knows what good can come from a sad event.  And actually when I did make my comment, both of my friends did agree that something good might come out of this. The question is of course “what will be the outcome?”

We will never know right away, for God’s plan is never complete. But in time we will all find out. So at this point all we can do is our best and support each other if need be. For that is what friendships are for. To support you in the good and bad times. Who knows what the final outcome will be? But if it’s good then we all will have something to be happy about. And maybe one day we will all look back at this and laugh about it. I know I plan to. So hang in their guys! Better times are coming, when I don’t know. But they will come.


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