One of the few things I don’t like is very hot summer heat. It’s the worst thing that anyone has to be subjected to. And this week it seems the temperature in New York City will reach highs of ninety to one-hundred degrees.

It’s moments like this I just stay indoors and don’t go out unless I have to. And of course god forbid if I have to take the subway. http://www.mta.info/ The temperature gets even hotter underground and not all train stations have air conditioning.

Then there are those moments as well when you get into the subway train and the air conditioning is not working as well. That just makes matters worse. Usually what I do is when I hear about a major heat wave in the city I stock up on items so that I don’t have a reason to go outside in this heat.

Such as Gatorade and pre-cooked packaged foods so that I don’t have to spend too much time in the kitchen. I may even get a watermelon to treat myself too. I don’t buy bottled water that is a waste of money. Why pay for water when you get it for free from the faucet?

Besides I think that bottled water is just nicely packaged tap water any way. What a rip off if you ask me. Now of course I could go to the beach, but in this very hot weather everybody and their mother would be out there as well, just way too crowded for me to go out there.

So I just stay at home and try not to do much.  It’s one of the “odd” benefits of being unemployed. If one does not have to go out, then they don’t have to at all and just say indoors. I can be a hermit until this heat wave passes. Any plans that I have originally made before all this heat can be put on hold for now. I guess this is what they meant by “lazy days of summer.”

And actually I could use the time at home to work on some blog posting that are in development and just have not posted yet for I still have to post the details of the latter part of my holiday weekend. Matter of fact even my last photography session was done at home. I had spent the time working on some head shots for myself.

Once the temperature calms down and gets to a reasonable point then I will pick up where I left off and venture out once again. But until then I will just keep myself indoors. So my best advice to anyone dealing with this heat is this.”Just stay inside and only go out if you really need to.” It’s not worth getting a case of heat stroke being out there.

And if you really do need to go out there, then do so in the early morning hours or late night when the temperature is cooler. Actually I think I worked up a sweat just ranting about this heat. So right now I am going to get up close and personal with my new best friend, the air conditioner.


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