Last night I had gone online to a website called Adam 4 Adam. Also known as “A4A” in gay inner circles. http://www.adam4adam.com/ Or to put it more correctly an “online pick up site.” And while I was on this site last night some guy had sent me a message saying that he “Liked my profile.” Which is one of the many pick up lines used on that site if someone is interested in meeting you.

After replying back and a few more e-mails from this person. I have realized that this guy that was trying to pick me up was actually someone who I once dated years ago. And the funny thing about this was the fact they did not recognize who I was.

Once I have discovered who they were I double checked their profile, it says the following below as a description of themselves.

34, 5’11”, 160lb, 33w, Swimmer’s, Shaved Hair, Smooth, Black

And guess what? The above stats are a lie. They are not the age thirty-four currently this I know for a fact let’s just say add about thirteen more years to the age posted. Weight take away about twenty pounds, and as for the swimmers build they posted as a body type. Let’s just change that to “thin as a rail.”

I have to admit that I busted a gut once I had seen these stats. The fact that someone has to go to extremes to lie about themselves just shows how untruthful one can be. Matter of fact that is one of the many reasons that I stopped dating them so many years back, they was quite a liar.

And of course re-reading the exchange of e-mails after realizing who it was I just kept saying to myself “liar, liar your panties are on fire.” Now you would think that people would change with age, lord knows I have and the changes I have made were for the better I feel.

But it seems that he has not changed at all, kind of funny when you think about it, that people have to lie just to be accepted. Or maybe that they just don’t know any better? Now of course I did not tell them who exactly I was for I did not want this person back in my life for any reason at all. So I did start to keep my answers very short.

After a few more exchanges of e-mails I think they got the picture and ended our chat. Which is fine with me for I did not want to be one of his conquests again. You would think that when you meet someone for the first time that they would be totally honest with you, but of course that would be a perfect world and that is not what we all live in currently.

But it just makes me wonder how far people will go just to get what they want from another person. If he does send me another e-mail I don’t plan on opening it or replying back to him, for I know what he is all about and its best that I just stay away from him. I do have to admit that I am glad that I found out who he was online rather than meeting in person for that would have been awkward and somewhat embarrassing.

I personally keep good and fair people in my life, people who are a positive influence and that are open, honest, fair and balanced. I don’t have time for liars or people who try to pretend they are something that they are actually not. I find life to be much better when you get rid of such bull crap and the people who bring such crap along like as if it’s a nap sack that they have to bring with them every were they go. Once you get rid of people who are liars you see life in a clear and positive way.

But all is said and done and I do get to avoid such a potential embarrassing moment. And of course knowing him once he realizes that I will no longer be talking to him again online he will think that I am a jerk. When actually he was the jerk that I have to let go so many years ago. Funny how in such a big city as New York, you can always encounter people who you have not heard from in so many years past.

If you ask me, an alien close encounter and or abduction would have been way better than seeing my ex again.



  1. July 2, 2010 at 1:25 PM

    This happened to me once! What was worse was not that the guy was lying, but that he’d forgotten who I am! I’m a very unforgettable person – or I like to think I am!!! What also made it worse was that he was the guy who threw away my birth control pills because he was ‘a catholic’ and ‘didn’t believe in such things’ – and that he stamped his foot when I pointed out how ridiculous it was we were having sex before marriage.

    You’d think you’d remember a foot stamp and flushing my pill down the toilet!!! People never fail to amaze me!

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