When you think about it, everyone has a different reason for starting a blog. It could be to share thoughts with family, friends or the world. Or even a way to get a person’s point across. There are way too many reasons to list as to why one would start one.

We all log onto the internet and go to our favorite websites to get the latest news and stories. And to a small portion a blog is an extension of the person that has created it. We never think about the persons reasoning for posting an article on a blog, we go to such sites for items that we all find of interest.

Now blogging for me I have discovered has been enjoyable, and I will be the first to admit that sometimes it’s hard to do. But with all things in life we take a hard or difficult moment and turn it around to make the best of it or improve it.

When I started blogging three months back my original vision of my blog like myself has evolved to become something different. And actually I have become quite proud of my blog. But beyond the viewing of a person’s blog, does one ever wonder how a thought or subject becomes a blog posting?

When you look at human history individuals such as Ernest Hemingway have left us with great literature to read. Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo as well have left us with great paintings and drawings as well. And in most of these cases their works show us in a way what was on their minds.

But what about the average person such as you and me? What will our notes and photos that we take will tell us about ourselves? After all not everything becomes a blog post and just maybe become archived for no one else to see.

What if the world was to end today and life as we all know it stops to exist? And in the distant future an alien race discovers our planet and searches for our history. And they discover that we had a thing called “the internet.” But they cannot get the full details of mankind because even that was badly damaged in the recovery process of trying to find out who and what mankind was.

Then all that is left would be to discover the random notes or items left buy us. Almost like trying to explore the pyramids of Egypt. We look for artifacts that were left behind and try to put together a person’s past.

The items that I use for my blog are shown below.

My camera, my tripod and pouch that holds extra camera gear. And of course my favorite item my moleskine note book. http://www.moleskine.com/ The reason it’s my favorite item is because this is where all my notes and thoughts get written down into and from there becomes a blog post. And in some cases they might not become a posting. But it does share insight of who I am. I have joked about this book calling it “the book of Lu’s Logic.”

Random notes and a drawing of my right hand.

A floor plan drawing that I have done one night.

Even a photograph that I had once taken for a blog post, out of everything that I use for my blog this book is what I hope someone finds when the world ends. For this “little black book” tells the back story of who I am. This will tell my thoughts after I am long gone and I am sure as time goes on there will be other books as well once this one gets filled up.

You can also say MS Word documents and even a video or two can tell a person’s story. But a book in its own little way can say so much more. So the question now is if the world did end and a part of you was left behind for someone else to discover. What would that item be for you? What do you want to leave behind so that others can discover and learn about you?

After all… A blog and all your notes and images used to create your blog postings can become ones legacy. What do you want people to remember you for?


1 Response to “IS A BLOG A PERSON’S LEGACY?”

  1. June 24, 2010 at 8:14 PM

    Lu – Thanks for this.
    I just spent quite a while agonizng about the About Me section of my blog precisely for this reason.
    I’d like it to be part of my legacy!

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