About two weeks ago I did a post on my blog called “Since when did Twitter become a dating website?” A brief summary about the post was about the time when someone on Twitter made a pass at me via my Twitter account located at.: http://twitter.com/LUIS_CASTRO_NYC

This post is the follow-up on what has happened to me via Twitter. Now I have to admit that I was taken back when someone made a pass at me on Twitter two weeks ago. After all there is only so much you can say with one-hundred and forty characters.

As well who would ever think of making a pass on a person or try to pick someone up via Twitter? For myself it would be the last place I would ever think of doing so. Then I did a little research. If you use Twitter and type in the following in a search #twitterafterdark (pound sign, Twitter after dark) and review the “tweets” you would think that one has never left the time of free love and orgies.

You see tweets such as the following below, mind you I am not making this up these are actual tweets from people.

“I love when his whole face is in it #twitterafterdark”

“I apologize but my penis needs attention. I couldn’t wait till #twitterafterdark to say that. Its the freak in me < no class”

“he love to hit it backwards, call it pig-latin! #twitterafterdark”

“welcome to my sex room #twitterafterdark”

Now seeing this was somewhat of a warning sign for me when it came to the person that made a pass at me. And they did ask me at one point about “twitter after dark.” and did I not know about it. But at that time I was totally clueless. Then again when anyone makes a pass at me I am usually very cautious it can be in person at a bar or even a public place and even on-line. I usually try to be very careful on who I let into my life, it’s just who I am. Better safe than sorry (or dead) I feel.

After a few days of chatting with this person online via Twitter just chatting and in one way or another trying to figure out what this person was all about. And I have to admit that when they asked me questions about me I kept my replies very short and not really giving out any major detail.

After all one just never knows what the other person might be all about or what kind of agenda they have. And at one point during the days that we were chatting online they claimed that they had seen my blog post about our online encounter.  Now of course you know that I was going to post this on my blog since it is an extension of me, my life and my adventures and miss-adventures.

They were taken back of the fact that I posted it to my blog. But as I told them and mentioned before above, “my blog an extension of me, my life and my adventures and miss-adventures.” Then I thought to myself “let’s see what happens if I don’t make contact with this person for a few days.”

So after our last online chat ending with “we will talk again soon.” I waited to see if they would send a message saying “hello” or “how are you?” Needless to say I have gotten no such of message, not even to this day have I gotten any time of message from this person. Now of course you can say “You could have reached out to them instead of waiting for them to contact you.” But I see it like this… They were the one to make the first move and reach out to me. And if they showed any true interest they would have continued our conversation.

But at last they did not. And I thought that would be the case and I am totally fine with that. I did have my suspicions from the beginning, but I think of it as “playing it safe.” For you just never know what the other person is all about. Then again they might have just lost interest as well. I will never know what the outcome could have been. Would I call this an adventure or a miss-adventure? I would answer that question as the following. “It’s an event that I have learned from and was able to walk away with no harm done to me.” For in this digital age one should always be safe. Besides maybe my next encounter on Twitter if that happens might turn out different from this one.

On a final note I do have to say that I no longer follow this person on Twitter. But I have noticed that they still follow me. Which makes me wonder if they still read my blog? If so I am sure that if they read this post one or two things may happen. They might reach out to me and comment about it, or they might not say anything at all. Well… If they do make a comment or send me a message via Twitter to me about what they think about this post, then you know there will be a “part three” to this story.



  1. 1 Mister Reiner
    June 11, 2010 at 2:54 PM

    Thanks for part two. I was wondering what was going to happen next. Nothing wrong with playing it safe. It’s the smart thing to do.

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