As most of you know if you follow my blog that I have a Twitter account, you can view my profile at http://twitter.com/LUIS_CASTRO_NYC if you are interested or wondering what I “tweet” about. Now of course as we all know when using Twitter http://twitter.com/ that you can follow peoples tweets and they can follow you as well if one feels that you have something interesting to say.

It’s almost like having a personal fan club for the average person as well it’s a great way to promote ones small business or company. But since when did Twitter become a dating, pick up website? In all the time that I have used Twitter I would never have thought that someone would actually make a pass at me.

If someone wanted to make a pass at me you would think that it would happen at a bar or on some dating website, even walking down a local street or on the New York City subway http://www.mta.info/ someone can make a pass at you. And I have had the above mentioned happen to me in the past.

Of course it takes a certain level of guts if one wants to make a pass at anyone, for there is always the fear of rejection. But to do it on Twitter I feel is definitely a move that takes guts and a large level of bravado. This odd moment of “Twitter after dark.” actually started for me about two days ago when on my Twitter account I had acquired a new follower. Being courteous as I try to be usually, I replied back to the new follower with message saying “Thank you for following me.” Shortly after sending my message I had gotten a reply back via the direct message option on Twitter from the new follower. Their reply message said. “Anytime cutie.”

It did raise an eyebrow when I saw the word “cutie” but overall I really did not think much about it, and had no further thought about the reply message. After about a day or so I had gotten another direct message from the person asking me “how was I doing today.” Being considerate I had replied back saying that I was fine and that all was well with me.

Usually on Twitter after that type of message I thought I would not get another reply back from a person that I don’t really know. Then after a short time they replied again. And after a few short exchanges of messages we were having a full-blown conversation.  Then at one point the person mentioned that I looked quite handsome in my avatar photo that I use on Twitter and the fact that I have a blog was a turn on for them as well.

Right then and there I had my WTF moment of shock and awe. I would never think having a blog would be a factor for turning on a person. But for them it did reason being that they stated was. “It shows that you are a person with brains and considerable thoughts.” I just thought that the moment was odd and if this was a moment that happened in person I would have blushed big time and might not have any more words to say.

I did try to keep the conversation low-key and tried not to play into it that much. But overall it was a very interesting conversation. What I thought was interesting about it was the fact that my avatar photo on Twitter and to a small part as well my blog was the basis of this person reaching out to me.

Now of course I can’t tell at this moment what this person is like for I really don’t know that much about them, for getting to know someone does take time to do. And I have a feeling that this person will try again to reach out to me. Now of course if a person wants to reach out to me that is fine. If they are a stalker and or nut job then that is one we should all try to avoid of course.

Only time will tell what will happen down the line. But one thing that I seem to know for now is the fact that I have what you can say is a “very interested fan” of me and my blog.



  1. 1 Mister Reiner
    May 28, 2010 at 2:13 PM

    Maybe you have a secret admirer…

  2. June 1, 2010 at 9:38 AM

    You could have an admirer but you’re right to ask this when did Twitter become a dating site? I guess people use any opportunity they can. Let’s hope this admirer is legit.

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