**Before you start to read the above mentioned blog post. The reader should be told that the following post might be found offensive with regards to my thoughts on Facebook dot com and Four Square dot com.**

On my Twitter account located at http://twitter.com/LUIS_CASTRO_NYC I had made the following comment about Facebook dot com. “Just seen on tv that May 31 is being promoted as “quit Facebook day.” I wonder how many people will quit? #Facebook #fail #quit

You can see the actual website promoting this at http://www.quitfacebookday.com/

Many of my friends ask me “Do I use Facebook?” And they all have this look on their face of hope and excitement that the answer will be a simple “yes.” But when I tell them “no” their looks changes to awe and shock and wonder and ask why I do not use it.

And at that point I give what you can say is my “standard answer.” My reply back is “Facebook is a security risk, and I valve my personal security.” Once my friends find out that I don’t use Facebook they all give me that same look as they all do. It’s a look on their face of how dare you not use Facebook? You are being anti-social; don’t you want to know what people are doing? And don’t you want people to know what is going on with you? And as well find old friends that you have lost contact with?

Since when did Facebook become a necessary part of life? And if you don’t use it you are considered not normal. If friends want to find out what is going on with me, they can just call or send me an e-mail, or even send a first-class letter via the post office. As for friends that I have lost contact with. I see it like this… If one makes an effort to stay in touch with friends or associates then they would not need to worry about what happened to them for you will always be in touch with them.

If a person is no longer in your life, then they or yourself must have done something that would make them feel that they should not be associated with you. Now you might say that “they have lost your information.” But come on now… If you make an effort you can hold onto a person’s contact information and reach out to them when need be. If you don’t want to be associated with a particular person then losing their contact information is very easy to do, for you just don’t want to be bothered with them anymore.

Does everybody want to be friends with everyone they meet with in life? Of course not, for not everyone is a perfect match for friendship or otherwise, I feel that people who use Facebook have a very low self-esteem about themselves and are looking to reach out for any type of social contact and the maximum amount of so-called friends that they can find online.

Which brings me to another point actually, I find it funny how some or actually most people who use Facebook will mark someone as a friend and have never even meet the person face to face. They will say things like. “I chatted with my friend who lives in London via Facebook.” And mind you they never have been to London to actually visit him or her. Or even better the so-called friend in London never came to visit them. You have to physically meet a person and take the time to get to know them before you can consider them to be a friend.

You don’t know who is this person is exactly, they can tell you that they are nice and have a great personality and a good job. While actually they are some sort of pervert, crook, or someone who is trying to steal your identity. People that use Facebook I think just have no common sense about the dangers of what could be lurking out there on the internet. Or in person if you actually meet the individual and they turn out to be some sort of sick sociopath, murder or even a rapist.

The bottom line is this; you just can’t trust everyone that you meet online. And the trust of friendship has to be earned and not just treated as an acceptance as a friend from some website that can’t even protect its own members from people who we are told to avoid in life.

Now you might say “I do know these people actually.” Did you take the time to verify that they have a Facebook account? Did you call them to confirm that they sent an invite? No you did not… You were not even thinking about that. You had no thought or intention of doing so? I will even go far as to say that you did not even read the full legal terms and conditions on using Facebook before you joined up. As far as you may not know the on-line profile that you just accepted might have been a fake and is a person trying to steal your identity, rob or even hurt you.

This also brings to my next gripe. http://foursquare.com/ This is nothing more than a stalkers internet paradise. People that use foursquare I think are just asking for trouble and are looking to get posted on http://pleaserobme.com/

Everyone does not need to know what I am doing or where I am at during a particular moment. And I don’t need to know every little detail of what my friends are doing. It’s just way too much information and over sharing. One day I expect to see that someone on Twitter via four square became mayor of their local Starbucks only because they use the public toilet there on a regular basis.

Now I know someone is going to say that Twitter uses geo-tracking on tweets. For the record I have that feature disabled and often check my settings from time to time to make sure that is stays that way. The bottom line is this.

Before you share your life with the internet and the world just make sure you know and trust who you are sharing the intimate details of your life with. As well… there is nothing wrong with being discreet. Sometimes people don’t need to know everything that you are doing on a daily basis.



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