I had spoken with a friend of mines tonight that I have not talked to in some time, and we spent the time on the phone catching up with what was going on with us. He told me that at his job today that they had laid off quite a few of his co-workers.

And he had mentioned that it was so sad to see people that he has worked with for years suddenly disappear. He claims that he felt lost for he did not know what to say as they packed and prepared to leave a job that they will no longer was going to return to.

I mentioned that I knew what he meant for it was like being at a funeral and you approach the person hosting the funeral, and you don’t know what to say to them to console them from the fact that they lost a loved one or partner.

You try to find the right words to say and as you say them with the best intentions of course however you feel that in the back of your mind that your comment could have been better stated. We actually felt that the lost of a friend or family member is similar when you lose a co-worker. For you never know what to say exactly.

I had mentioned that I have known quite a few friends that have lost their jobs that it has gotten to a point that my standard comment of reply is “I am sorry for your lost.”  For to me it seems to be the safest thing to tell a person. We both did agree that listening to such bad news is never easy. But it does make you feel a little odd as you try to console them.

Come to think of it… all that the person is looking for is just some form of comfort in a troubling period of time in their life. I did say to my friend that we all know that death is final, and we may treat the news of someone losing their job as such a final event in their life as well. But when one loses their job they might have a chance with getting some form of new employment. Maybe not right away, but in good time, unlike a death for when that happens it’s all over and there is no coming back.

At the end of our conversation we both agreed that the statement “I am sorry for your lost.” Is probably the best and safest thing to say when a person is going through a bad time in their life. Who would have ever thought that a comment mostly used at a funeral could and might be as comforting when telling a friend that you are sorry to hear that they lost their job.

Never thought about it actually until I took the time to rethink the conversation that I just had with my friend; it’s interesting how life can be at times.


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