Today has felt like one of those days that you wish you can start over for it just seemed and felt totally odd. As if you are in a parallel universe, everything and everyone around you seems different and you are the only person that noticed this.

Of course the question you have to ask yourself is. “When did I fall down the rabbit hole to get here?” I guess for myself it started and happened yesterday afternoon. It was a day that was an exceptionally good day for me. It’s rare when I get one of those days that turned out to be great and not have a care in the world.

As if all the issues and matters that I had to address in life just did not exist. And actually I was totally fine with that and somewhat in a state of bliss from not having to worry about anything But now yesterday has passed and reality has kicked back in.

Or it feels more like reality is trying to get back, but just keeps drifting in and out of my timeline. A timeline that feels to have no sense of direction at the moment.  But at last all will fall into place, would I call it “day dreaming?” My answer is “no” to that question. For it does not feel like a dream at this moment.

It feels more like I am stuck between the two timelines with both of them pulling on me. Of course reality will win and bring me back. But it seems and feels that it reality is taking its time to do so. Like as if it’s playing with me and does not want to rush me back into the correct world all at once.

With that said and trying to adjust my day to correct this odd feeling, I have decided to just let it take its course and allow the universe to put everything back into place.  For there are just some battles that one should not fight and I feel that this is one of them.

I will go through the rest of my day and night, and if all goes well I should be fine by the next morning. And be able to pick up where I have left off. Of course doing so I know that there will be a feeling of “what once was.” A feeling that from time to time that will make me drift once again and put a smile on my face.

The events of yesterday were fun, and overall if it’s any indication of what is to come into my life. Then I am in for some interesting moments I feel. Its days like I had yesterday that one realize how much fun life can be at times.

We all spend so much time in life trying to do the best or right thing while at the same time forgetting to relax and enjoy a moment. And when that fun moment or period of time does happen you realize just how much fun one can have in their life. Personally… I am looking forward to more days like yesterday.


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