Now most of us start our day by turning off the alarm that wakes us up in the morning, turning on the television to watch the morning news and start the microwave or coffee machine for that first cup of java. And then of course we also turn on our computers or check our smart phones for any e-mails or messages that might have come in during the night.

Now granted we might have a moment or time in our life when one or two of the above mentioned items may not work the way that we want them to do. But when everything goes wrong we just totally fall apart.

It’s as if we were magically transported into the dark ages. Then again I think that the dark ages for us would be to go back in time to the early nineteen eighties. Our attitudes and personality just completely change and what was once starting to be an average or good day becomes the day from hell.

And that was what happened to me today. It turned into not a day from hell for me, but more like how many flaming hoops and hurdles do I have to jump over and run around passed just to complete my day. Now of course there has been blog posting about technology and how great it is, and its faults.

But when those faults come up in technology we all act start to act like crack heads looking for our next drug fix. And for most of us it can be frustrating, I was a little frustrated today for everything that I needed to do, just could not be done at the moment that I wanted to do it. We all start our days and maybe nights with an idea of what we want to do.

And we are all guilty of not having a “plan b” when things that we do on a regular basis don’t go exactly as planned. Come to think of it… Do we ever think about having a “plan b” when a regular day goes wrong? Probably not… We do more “plan b” thinking when we do something major or special in our lives than for a regular day.

And when a day does start to go wrong, we all try to adjust accordingly, and then there are those moments when you just need to laugh and walk away and come back to it later. For me today was the latter of the two. After taking a short break myself from job hunting and just recently getting back into the groove of looking again, with a type of “gun ho” attitude ready to start once again my search for employment.

Everything and anything in its own little way, just did not work out the way that I wanted it to do. Or not at lease right away. Starting with having problems connecting to the internet with my net book, to my blackberry service not working properly.

Eventually all was fixed and is now working. But it’s quite interesting how the littlest things we take for granted can wreak havoc on our daily routine. For it does make you wonder sometimes how we was able to manage our daily lives ten, twenty years ago.



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