Sometimes with all the running around that we all do. We might forget to take a nice short or long break, a vacation or just taking a little time off from the things that we normally do. I will admit that I am guilty of doing just so. But recently I have decided to take a small break from job hunting, not that long only a few days.

I had thought that it would be the best thing to do at this time and it will give me a moment to regroup and think things over. And I have to admit that it was one of the best moves I have ever made since becoming unemployed.

I see it like this… My bills are paid in advance for a few months. And any and all major issues have been taken care of (except finding work of course.) But besides not finding work everything else is fine. So in a way I am taking a “mental health” period to regroup.

And it has been enjoyable, catching up with friends, relaxing, going out, and also picking up one of my hobbies again (photography) and actually I have not done photography in a few years, but I am glad to have picked it up again. Actually missed the fun I had doing it. It’s funny how you can forget the little things that make you happy, but once you rediscover them it brings a new joy back into your life.

Or in an odd way makes you wonder why you stopped in the first place. And trust me I did think that too. But it has been a good experience so far. Taking this break is definitely one of the best things that I have ever done. Now my break of course will not be that long, maybe just a week. Because I feel that would be enough time for me.

As well I don’t want to get to lazy and stop any and all search for employment. As long as I keep my time frame in mind I feel that I should be more relaxed and focus at the task at hand when I start my search again.

For those folks that say “I can’t take a break now.” I say…. “Yes you can take a break.” For the only thing that is stopping you is yourself and no one else. Just take your time to plan it out and don’t rush into the process. In the short or long run it will be worth it.

It does not have to be a major or big vacation; it can be simple as just taking a few days and resting at home. And once you have done so you just might feel better about yourself and life in general. I feel that one has nothing to lose and everything to gain when taking a little time off.


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