This past week has been like all the other weeks in my past. Uneventful but busy with errands and sending my resume to places for possible employment and catching up with a friend that I have not seen since they left the United States to start a new job overseas. Seeing them was one of the refreshing events of this past week. But overall an uneventful week like I had said previously, but it was nice to see a good friend that I have not seen in a while, and was a good break from my usual routine.

Now the only major difference with this week unlike all the others is the fact that my unemployment has run out and I am still without a job. Of course I have saved up enough money to hold me over for the next few weeks, but once that runs out it will take living on a daily basis to a whole new level, that level of getting by with no funding at all.

During a person’s day and even with my days, we all wait for things. We wait on lines at the bank; we wait for a bus or a subway to take us where we need to go. We wait in traffic when one waits for the light to change when we are traveling somewhere. We even wait for replies and or phone calls from people who we send our resume to and so on.

But the one thing I think we should not wait for is an extension on unemployment benefits. Now we all know that times are rough for millions of people out there, even in New York state things are not well. Our state is under a budget crunch and strapped for cash. And have even gone as far to withhold people’s state tax return so that they can use the interest to operate the state. It’s a first to my knowledge that they have done this.

And of course our government in Washington D.C. goes on Easter break before even attempting to get an unemployment extension passed. You think they would do so before going on break, but they have not. Waiting to see what happens next just adds more stress to millions of people who are unemployed. It’s just one more factor that people have to think about when planning what to do next, since they are not working.

Personally I think that unemployed people should not have to wait for any type of funding that they are entitled to. We all paid into this via our taxes and will continue to pay into this once we start working again. But it seems that we now have to play this game of “wait and see what happens next” and see who is going to make the first move.

It’s a game that we are all apart of but have no say in it. It’s those in our state capitals and Washington that are calling all the shots. So it just makes me wonder what is going to happen down the line. Are they going to extend benefits on a monthly basis, or until the end of the year?

Any little bit of help is better than no help at all. But we are all left to wonder what is going to happen next. And I feel that should not be. Only time will tell what is going to happen down the line. We may get some sort of funding or maybe even find some type of new work that will help us get back on track. But waiting for what is going to happen leaves us all to wondering what is going to be next for us all.



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