We now start a new month, the month of April. And as of this past Friday I have filed my last request for unemployment. It’s not because I have found work. It’s because my benefits have reached an end. Now I know you are thinking “I thought that unemployment last for about a year?” And to answer that question the answer is “yes.”

However… in my case when I filed for unemployment six months ago. I had missed the date of getting an extra six months. I missed it not because of anything I did such as file late. For I did file my claim immediately, I had missed the extension because I did not meet the time-table that the government had issued for the extension. The extension was up until August of last year, and by the time I got terminated from my last job it was September, there for missing the time-table.

But at least I planned what needed to be done within those six months. For I have saved when I was working and have paid off some bills months in advance so that I did not have to worry about them. And of course I did get a nice tax return back as well. At least part of it, even though I got my federal return, I am still waiting for my state return.

Granted I am fine with waiting for my state return since I am getting the money later would help me down the line in the weeks and months ahead. And since New York State is under financial problems at this moment, it may take about a few weeks to get it any way.

The new adventure for me now is the fact that I use to get my money weekly via unemployment. But now I am getting all my money (tax returns) in one lump sum, and have to make that sum of money stretch for an indefinite amount of time. Mind you I am totally fine with this since I knew that this moment would come and I have taken time to plan this.

Now of course barring any unexpected situations such as getting sick or family emergency that might come up, I shouldn’t have any major expenses that I would not have to put out. There for making what little money I have last a little longer.

Of course the question now is “How long can I make it last?”  I might be able to go about a month and a half, maybe two if lucky. For the adventure now is going to see if all the months planning for this moment actually work, I am sure that it will and I should do fine.

I have found that careful planning does make this moment in time a lot easier to deal with and with a little luck and skill I hope to find some sort of employment. I will just have to see how the employment situation is within the new few weeks and take it from there. If by the chance of a small miracle that the government does grant another extension of unemployment benefits then that will give me more time of course to continue living my life while looking for work.

But at this moment and like I have done in the past, I can’t just sit on my rear end and not look for work. Come to think of it in a way, my new full-time job has been to look for new employment. And in all honesty I rarely had a moment when I did not look. People say that you get lazy when you are collecting unemployment and not looking for work. Sorry to say that I am not one of those people.

I have been fully active and engaged about the search and hunt for full-time work myself, for I am not one to just sit around and not do anything about it. After all… Like I have said, “It’s a new adventure.” And adventures bring a sense of awe and wonder. Now I know that you are thinking right about now. “Where is the joy in looking for work?”

It’s what you might discover, for you never know what is out there down the line in employment. It can be a job in the same field that you once worked in, or something completely different. Discovery brings enlightenment to options that one might never consider and if one keeps their mind open to what is out there, the possibilities are endless.

Is it frustrating? Of course it is. But the final outcome of finding work and to be able to fully continue with one’s life outweighs the hardship. Whatever the final situation is it’s one that will be new and maybe exciting as all adventures are.



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