About two weeks ago makes the one year anniversary of me being unemployed. If anyone would have asked me back then if I was concerned about losing my job. I would have said “no.” For it was a new job that I have just started just a few months back. And after spending the last couple of years doing temporary work at various locations throughout New York City, I had finally found a new full-time job.

The timing I thought could not have been better, for I got the offer to start just after the Thanksgiving holiday two-thousand eight. And I had thought at that time this was the first major step in getting things back in order with my life.

After being at this new company for three months, I had to take a leave of absence for personal reasons. Much to my managers dismay, for she had claimed that people at this company are not allowed to take time off for any reason at all. If you had to take a day off from work for being sick, or for a death in the family, it was frowned upon and it was put as a “disciplinary action” in your personnel file for taking the time off. Even if you had brought a note or a record of what had happen.

This ideology I knew was wrong and unprofessional to come from a manager I thought, and considering that I was a manager as well. One of the things I have learned in the past as being a manager is that if you support your staff, they will support you.

I still went and took the short time off from work, and shortly after doing so I had received a letter of termination from my company, which to be honest did not surprise me at all. If I had known about this company’s position about leave time, to be honest I would not have agreed to work with them. On a side note… I have found out that they had a massive lay off a few months later shortly after that, and if I had stayed I would have been let go only after a few months of service with them. I guess you can say that things happen for a reason. Someone above had me leave sooner than later.

With that said and moving forward I have learned to adapt to being unemployed. There are things that you do to adjust to your current state in life when one is not working. We all have been known to say “I can’t live without this or that.” And then you discover in time that you can live without a few “creature comforts.”

And in some cases, you don’t have to cut out the “creature comforts” completely for you can very simply just do them less. Such as going out with friends for food and drinks, you can change that to having your friends come by and visit. Instead of going to the movies, rent a DVD, and so on. I have discovered not right away, but in good time. That I was making such adjustments to my life style.

Now of course we all adjust if a person becomes unemployed or have fallen on hard times. But there are moments I feel that I make these adjustments subconsciously. Granted there is nothing wrong with that at all I feel. For to an extent you can say I am more aware of myself, the things I do and my situation.

And it’s within this period of adjustment one realizes that one can make changes in their life, changes that they originally thought they could not do, are suddenly being done. It’s as if you have discovered something new about yourself that you have never known. And to a point it’s actually refreshing to realize that you can change and make adjustments. It feels hard to do in the beginning but one does learn. And at one moment in your life you realize that you have not only adapted, but have grown in wisdom.


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