So it seems that President Obama says that the House’s vote on health care “wasn’t an easy vote but it was the right vote.” Obama said the reform plan won’t fix everything wrong with the nation’s health care system, “but it moves us decisively in the right direction.”  The House passes the Senate health care bill, 219-212.

After so many years of trying to get health care reform passed, it seems to have finally happen. From many years past, to the Clinton years when he was president, and after more than a year of bitter partisan debate, it finally came to be. Of course not all the new changes will happen right away, but if all goes well we all could be seeing changes in our health care system within the next four years.

At one point the debate on the floor did get very intense, with rants and screams from republicans that were not happy with the bill. And of course one particular comment that I will not repeat on my blog, will forever stand out. And I am sure that historians and scholars will reflect back on this day in history. As a process and event that reached out to every single American, for it seems that everyone wanted to have a say in it. The biggest (and maybe the greatest…) expansion of the federal health care guarantees since the enactment of Medicare and Medicaid more than four decades ago has finally happened.

Change can be a good thing to happen when all is planned accordingly. And I do hope that this change will help all Americans and future Americans as well. Only time will tell how all this change will affect us, but at lease the very first step was taken to do so. It’s a change in the way that America runs its health care that was long overdue, but most importantly it was needed.

There are those as we know that will not agree with what has just happened, but only time will tell if they will be wrong or right about the reform. And of course the same goes for those that agreed with it too. The overall outcome will take time to see. It will be interesting to see the results of this reform, results that can or maybe be beneficial.

At this point in time, the debate for change is over, for it has now become a reality. Today we all move forward into new and unexplored territory. We will now see what happens in the days and years to come with this new era of change. Change and what some may call progress is now only starting after many years of false starts and attempts to do so.

All we can do at this point is hope and pray that this will work and help us all, and with a little faith and adjustment it just may do so.


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