With all the buzz on the news about the intense lobbying by President Obama and Rep. Dennis Kucinich who now says that he will, in fact, support the health care bill coming up for a vote in the House the intense rush to get health care reform done in Washington seems to be one step closer. The president along with the democrats seems to be going full throttle with getting this reform passed.

What’s interesting about Rep. Dennis Kucinich change of mind is the fact that he stated in a news conference “I have doubts about the bill … but I’ve decided to cast a vote in favor of the legislation.”

As I mentioned in a past blog posting entitled “Flatline… Is your health (care) D.O.A.?” “do we want change that will feel “half-baked,” or “half-planned?” Granted Rep. Dennis Kucinich has in the past mentioned his concerns about the bill and was a strong opponent of not allowing it to pass. But within a blink of an eye or in his case… A few days of arm twisting to the point of breaking the arm and a flight on air force one with the president to a rally in the representatives home state, he has seemed to change his mind.

It makes you wonder what they talked about on the flight from Washington to Ohio and back. As well what about the people in Ohio that gave contributions to the representative’s campaign? The people who gave money based on the thought that they did not like this bill? And that there was someone in government that felt the same and supported them?  Are they getting their money back?  Probably not… I am sure that they are feeling a little ripped off and scammed right about now.

I just feel that the whole process is being rushed way to fast. Of course I am for the health care reform. But let’s get it right the first or even second time around. The discrepancies that people in government are having about this bill should be worked out. It’s just too bad than those in government some not all feel that their jobs is on the line come November because of this reform bill.

If they concentrated on what the people wanted, then they would not have to worry about reelection. For they can let the people know that an attempt was made. But of course there will be a large amount of people who will be disgusted with the outcome and will just take out their frustrations when it comes time to vote.

Then there are the “backroom” deals the ones that we don’t hear about in the news. What did those contain? We will never know but I do think that the health care insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industries as well may have some sort of deal.

The question is of course what kind of deal was made with these organizations? In all the speed and rush to get this all over and done with, it just seems that something will be lost in the process. And if that is the case then what happens? This health care bill could be a great law or at least try to be a good law for all. Of course if it fails to pass it could be the end once again for the hopes and dreams of millions of uninsured Americans. A law that if it can’t pass will sink into the maelstrom of bureaucracy and crash and burn as former attempts have.


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