In a past blog posting called “Things happen for a reason.” The following was mentioned.

“Or my personal favorite… Hofstadter’s Law: “It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter’s Law.” A comment from Douglas R. Hofstadter, basically meaning if you plan something and you take into account the time frame of you’re planning and add more time just to make sure it goes well. It will still take longer than what you originally planned.”

As well within the blog post “The countdown of time.” The following was stated.

“If you take a moment to plan, research and most importantly explore all your options then you have a chance of making time the best friend that you have and enjoy a rich and full lifetime.”

Well… Let’s just say that my favorite law (Hofstadter’s Law) has showed itself to be true once again. Granted when I am confronted or am involved in a situation that requires planning I take and use any and all information that is given to me and from there make what I feel are the best decisions for that situation. We all try to take in account every possible moment that could happen and even plan a worse-case scenario, if one is needed to be planned.

Such a worse-case scenario did happen to me yesterday as a matter of fact. To be honest… It really was not much of a “worse-case” scenario, but none the less did happen. I did take into account that this might have happened, the worse-case that is. But thought that it was one variable that was to low to happen at all. As a friend told me when I told him the news and knew about the situation from the start of it, he mentioned. “It’s his lost, not yours.”

Upon hearing his comment I realized that my friend was totally correct in his statement. Granted if the party involved had at lease told me what they originally thought, then there would have not been a misunderstanding at all. But they have thought to with hold information and not be direct with what they had in mind it seems.

And I have to admit that I am totally fine with this, for it will be taken as a “life lesson.” And I will go on and advance. For tomorrow is always a new day and a new start. As once told to me “One should say to themselves when they wake up that. Today is the day of the beginning of your life. Just remember the errors of the past, and go forward into the new day and the future.”

I have also mentioned in my post called “Things happen for a reason.” The following

“I of course could spend the time and energy complaining how things did not go the way I wanted them to. But over the years I have learned not to reject a situation when it does not go the way that I wanted it to take. I have learned to embrace them.”

This is one situation that I am not complaining about, it’s a situation that I have embraced and learned from and will not ponder on thoughts of “what could be.” For part of embracing a situation is remembering that there is always tomorrow and tomorrow is a new day. If one can remember such ideology it makes things in life go a little better.

After the events of yesterday had passed, it brought up thoughts of my two past blog postings and made me think that my reasoning was proven true and in a small way a point was proven. In a world of “I need to get it done today.” There are times when getting it done tomorrow or all in good time, can be just as equally acceptable and rewarding.



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