This is something that I wanted to cover and talk about for some time, health care in America and my thoughts on the current state of it. Over the past few days I have noticed that on the news that Washington has once again picked up the pace to get health care reform passed. With the hopes on passing the bill on March eighteenth of this year, Democrats and Republicans both have their concepts and ideas on what health care reform should be for America.

But in all the rush to pass health care reform, I often wonder what would be over sighted and missed in the overall plan to help Americans. Even the past dead lines that have come and gone in the past feels like someone going into the emergency room at a near death state from a heart attack,  the doctor rushes in and gives you the paddles and brings you back from the dead.

How many times can or could a person go through such a thing before they are considered brought back to life or even worse dead with no chance of return? That is what it feels like and we do not know the outcome every time an attempt is made to bring someone back from the dead, we hope and pray for the best that the person can come back. Then there are the costs involved, how much is this going to cost America? How much is going to come out of our pockets?

Then there are those that may have current medical conditions and are on Medicare, how will it change for them? Government claims that it will bring the cost down, and give better options. But do they get the same service as before? Or would there be changes that might bring up a person’s co-pay? Then there are the doctors… Would they accept such a plan and if not does that mean one would have to pay out-of-pocket and then claim it as part of a tax return?

We spend a good moment of our lives searching for a doctor that we would feel comfortable with, which we can go to once we discover we are not feeling well and in need of a checkup. What happens next if the doctor does not take or accept the plan? We then have to find a new doctor that will. Granted I am for change and reform if it’s an improvement and helps us all. But I feel that something may or will be missed or lost in the translation in trying to improve or current medical system.

We have all waited for this change and I do hope that this change does come about, and that it’s for the better. But do we want change that will feel “half-baked,” or “half-planned?” As well… the insurance carrier of health plans. What are they planning to do once it’s goes into effect? Raise our rates by twenty to forty percent higher? Cut us loose because we are a high risk to them?

The risk of not doing anything about the current health care system that is in need or a long overdue check up. Is one that needs to be addressed.  We see commercials from our local state and cities health department telling us. “Get a check up.” “Get screened for cancer for early detection is the best thing to do.” “Don’t smoke.” And so on… Maybe these local state and city health departments need to follow their own advice and check themselves on how to improve their medical system and benefits to the people of the state that one lives in.

State and city health agencies say that can’t do such a change for they don’t have the funding to do so. If that is the case… Then restructure your current budget. Or use the stimulus money that you have applied for and received to make such a change. Control your waste and spending. Don’t wait for Washington to have you a new plan; take the initiatives to make change, and adjust once Washington’s plan is in place.

As for people with pre-existing conditions, they should not be denied at all for any insurance or health care! Period end of story, for it should not be an issue, if a person needs medical help, they should just receive it so that they may live a long and healthy life.

The change of the American health care system would NOT have us “running” from a “death panel” as someone in politics had once previously mentioned some time back. I put running in quotation marks because if you remember the nineteen sixty-seven novel “Logan’s Run” and the nineteen seventy-six science fiction movie under the same name you will understand what I mean.

If you don’t not recall the book or the move here is a plot summary of Logan’s Run, the summary is from the movie.

Sometime in the twenty-third century a person’s maximum age is strictly legislated and governed: thirty years of age, and no further. When people reach their “last day” they report to “Carrousel” in which they are willingly executed. The belief was that during the ceremony of carrousel, there is the hope of resurrection, a belief that if they have obeyed the rules governed to them, they may be reincarnated. If anyone disobeys, or not follow the rules they were terminated and your life would no longer exist.

People that refused to report to carrousel where called “runners” and were hunted down my teams of agents known as “Sandmen.” The sandmen were agents of the “system” and hunted down and killed runners that try to escape. The sandmen hunted and killed runners with SWAT like, black ops, covert precision and had no mercy what so ever.

Logan a sandman is sent undercover by the system to uncover a secret group assisting runners who are trying to reach a secret place called “sanctuary.”Logan’s secret black ops mission is to find the sanctuary and destroy it.  During his secret mission he discovers that the concept of carrousel is a myth and a lie, and that one can live past the age of thirty. During his search for sanctuary at one point Logan escapes the underground self-contained world that he lived in for all his live and discovers the post apocalyptic remains of a city above ground.

The city that he arises to from underground and sees for the very first time ever in his life is Washington D.C. and for the first time in his life he sees what is left of the National Mall in Washington. Logan wanders around D.C wondering what this place was and called. And during his travel discovers an old man that lives in what is left of the Senate Chamber.  Logan is totally fascinated with this old man for he has never seen a person that has lived past the age of thirty. After spending time with the old man, he goes back to his underground city, but he goes back a changed man, with a new attitude and tells everyone that you can live past thirty and that carousel was a lie.

That’s how I feel about the “death panel” comment… It’s a lie, a lie to make us fear change, a lie not to accept change, a lie to run from change. Granted by the same token health care or anyone’s health for that matter should be treated with respect, care, and thought. It is the lack of respect, care and thought that is being lost by trying to push and rush health care reform into law.

A fine line must be walked for a fair, balanced and proper law to be passed. But if we the people feel that the line had been crossed and not in our favor, and health care reform becomes D.O.A. then it’s up to us to use our right to vote during the mid-term and general elections to let Washington know that we did not like what they did. Healthcare reform should not be “flat lined.”


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