The search of work I will have to start once again. Granted when I first started to receive unemployment I had started the search for a new job with no time wasted at all. Even though the local and national news networks broadcasted that the unemployment rate was high and that no companies were hiring, I still made an attempt to look and search of a new job.

In a way it was like a quest to find Noah’s Ark. Where as we have all heard about it, (the Ark…) but never actually found or seen it. A new job was the starting to feel the same way as well. We all heard about them, but never found or seen them. It was as if they had become extinct like the dinosaurs.  But I had faith (and still do…) and started to search for new employment. Even though my chances were slim at the time, I thought that with a little time and luck I would find something and be back working within a few weeks or a month or two.

My search was broad and vast; I looked into not only full-time work, but part-time as well. I went through periods of sending out my resume and getting no responses. To the occasional response that came in the form of an e-mail or a phone call, and nothing past that. Then at one point it evolved to where I was starting to go on interviews, but was never given a job offer. And this went on for some time. Periods of no replies back for days and weeks to moments of going on interviews and no job offer given.

And then…without warning. It all just stopped. Not my search of work, but the replies via e-mails and the phone call inquiries by personnel recruiters, as well the interviews. It was as if it all vanished. After about another few weeks of not getting any replies. I had focused my energy on my finances, making sure my bills were paid and that they were paid on time so that I would not be hit with any late fees. And that worked out well. It did take some time to get into the routine of paying them on time. Mind you we all try to pay our bills on time, and in some cases we do or might pay a bill late by a day or two. But I had made a major effort not to be late. And actually I had become quite successful at it.

And this went on for some time and during this period I would as well put out my resume to places just to see if I would get lucky and get an interview. The search was not as intense as when I first started, it was more exploratory. But now I will have to refocus and once again pick up my search to look for work. I will have to balance my time between living my life with limited funding, paying the bills that I have and continuing an employment search.

Now mind you there is nothing special or extraordinary about what I just said, for there are millions of people within the United States that are currently in the same situation. As well there are millions more just trying to make ends meet. And to a certain extent the search for work has become a part or full-time job. And for me when I started searching in the past it just felt so. Bu t as I soon will be picking up the pace once again to start searching, I just feel that “the job” of searching for employment. Will be one that I feel will be putting in long hours to do once again.

This particular job (if you want to call it that…) will be one that you just can’t quit and walk away from. Many of us when we are working sometimes feel that if the job gets to frustrating or stressful we just want to go to our manager and tell them “I quit!”And I have done so twice in my past. To be totally honest with you it was the best move I ever made. Unemployment was not as high back then as it was now. And I was able to find a job within thirty days of leaving my last places of work on both occasions. For me it was the peace of mind that mattered to me the most and was and still is one of the reasons that I left my former jobs.

But now the job of “job hunting” will be one job that I just can’t walk away from. I can’t just say “I quit.” I can’t complain, or have a gripe about having a bad day at work. I can’t complain about the long hours that I will put into this. I plan however to focus on the task at hand and not get frustrated. If all goes well the benefits and prospects of this job will be rewarding and beneficial.

For it can lead to employment, medical benefits (if provided…) and some form of pay. In lots of ways the search for employment and actually working can feel similar. And the final outcome of finishing job hunting and leaving that job to go into your new line of work can be equality enjoyable and awarding. As much as we complain about how we hate our jobs sometimes, there are parts of our jobs that we actually enjoy.

I will enjoy the time I spend researching and going on interviews with potential employers. I will enjoy the first meeting of the personnel recruiter. And I will enjoy the chance of a second interview, and maybe even that final call of “you’re hired, when you can start?” The job of searching for work might be one that I am not willing to venture into for reasons of not getting replies to submitted job applications and endless meetings with temporary or full time employment recruiters.

But the final outcome and reward of finding work and starting my working life all over again totally out weights the frustration, and is one pursuit that I am more than willing to take on.



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