I made a call to a friend of mine, and wanted to see how they were going. We have not spoken in a while and the last time with have talked. They mentioned that the job that they had been not going well. There were major changes in the company due to a merger, policies were being changed, and people were being laid off left and right. Then one day his job, laid him off.  My friend had become one of the people that he did not want to be, unemployed and out of work he has lost their job of five years.

On top of that just before getting laid off, he found out that due to unforeseen circumstances he and his family would have to move out from the cramped apartment that they were living in and the move had to be done in less than thirty days. Dealing with this and filing for his unemployment in the State of New Jersey, my friend discovered that his old job was going to contest the unemployment. Submitting additional details to his state’s unemployment agency to try to get his unemployment will delay getting his funding.

Money that he had saved up that he had planned to use for getting a used car was now being used for this important move and to live off from until he had gotten his unemployment approved. Spending days applying for apartments and getting turned down, my friend did finally find a place. On the supposed day that he was to move into his new apartment, it was discovered that the apartment was not fully ready for him to move into. And he would have to wait another two weeks to move in.

He and his family had to stay in a hotel for a few days and spend what little money that they had on a temporary storage place for his furniture. Once it was confirmed that the apartment was ready. He wasted no time moving in and transferring his belongings from storage to the new apartment. On top of this in the weeks and days that he was scrambling to pack and move he as well started a search for a new job, so he pretty much had a full plate of items to deal with.   When I spoke to him today he sounded very relaxed and at peace with himself. A tone that I have not heard in some time

He explained that he did finally get approved for his unemployment and will be getting a retroactive check from the date that he originally applied for unemployment. He just had to wait a short while to receive his funding. The apartment is an improvement from the last place we has residing at. He claims that every one now has their own room and are not on top of each other. He can now have moments of privacy to rest, focus, and regroup.

But the one thing that he told me that stuck in my mind and the reason for this blog posting was when he said. “I maybe broke, out of the job and tired as all hell trying to get into my new place. But at least once I do find some type of work it will be a fresh start. And right now I am at total peace with myself. For I know this will be a totally new beginning for me.”

My response to that was “Think of it as a total purge of your life and starting fresh. All in good time you will find some type of new work, and you have a new apartment for now. Not that many people get a second chance to start fresh and at this moment you have become the phoenix.

On a side note… My friend has decided to go back to school and take up I.T. He is currently looking into possible schools to attend It’s not what he use to do at his old job which was customer service. But as I mentioned, not that many people get a chance to start over. I think he will excel in his pursuit.


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