The Greek god Apollo who personified youthful masculinity and a god of many roles, including prophecy, music, medicine and hunting. Apollo was also seen as a god who could bring ill-health and deadly plague as well as one who had the ability to cure. Apollo’s most common attributes were the bow and arrow. Other attributes of his included the kithara in Modern Greek the word kithara has come to mean “guitar” (an advanced version of the common lyre), the plectrum and the sword. Another common emblem was the sacrificial tripod, representing his prophetic powers.

In some ways, I can relate to Apollo. Granted… I am NOT claiming that I am a God, and would never do such a thing. I do at times like to explore religions and try to understand the history and culture of them.  And in no way that I have a Greek body as we all have seen in photos or statues at a local museum. But I have tried my best in the past to run to the gym, work out and get the equivalent. Like we all have done in some points in our lives. Nowadays I am totally happy with the way I look and do enjoy it. And of course my nationality is not from Greece, Rome or Italy.

As a child, I have always had a fascination with the Greco–Roman period of mankind. And I have always wanted to go to Rome and see the sights, and sounds of a place that once was. As well, maybe to travel to Egypt, and explore the pyramids up close and personal.  For me it’s not a question of “if I go” But “when I go.” And plan to do so once I get myself re-situated with my life and get back on track with working again, saving money, and so on. All in good time of course

But I have noticed that in life, and not just because of my current situation of being unemployed. And actually, it’s a part of human nature come to think of it. Is the fact that we all adapt (or try to…) and adjust to what life throws at us. Some change can be for the good, and in some cases it’s not. And if it’s the latter of the two we try to make the best of it. Or find a better option if such an avenue is available. At lease I do or make an attempt to do so in finding what could be the best route for me.

So how does the Greek God Apollo from a time of so long ago, parallels current modern time? Or parallels my time line in life? In the start of this blog post I had mentioned that “Apollo who personified youthful masculinity and a god of many roles, including prophecy, music, medicine and hunting. Apollo’s most common attributes were the bow and arrow.” If you take a moment, you might see some of the comparisons.

When it comes to youthful masculinity, we all try in one shape or form to take care of ourselves. We try not to get sick; we might go to a gym and work out. Run, jog, ride a bike maybe and try to avoid unnecessary stress that may come into our lives. As for the many roles that Apollo had we too also play many roles in life. One moment for example we are working as prophets, trying to plan and predict our future and next action if life, such as what to do next. Or trying to figure out how life would be once we start paying them the bank the renegotiated mortgage rate.

When it comes to medicine, we try to be our own self doctor when we are not feeling well, we find ourselves trying to self-diagnosis the problem with the thought of a quick run to the drug store to get what we need to get better. If that fails we run to our primary care doctor (if the person has one…) and get care medicine and treatment to get well. After the sickness is gone, we sometimes say secretly to ourselves “Thank God I went to my doctor when I did.” To a small extent somewhat worshiping them as if they was part of a religion. It’s common and a form of being extremely thankful to someone.

When it comes to hunting, we often hunt for the things we need. We search for the best possible price on what we need and use, we hunt for services that we use and we can pay for at a lower price.  The bow and arrow of today is now our resume. We shoot them off into cyber-space to places that we hope will “take the hit.” And the arrow that flies back to us is the call or e-mail that we receive saying “Can you come in for an interview.” And even during the interview process we ask questions and “hunt” for the answers that we are looking for. As well the recruiter is hunting, trying to figure out if this person is the best fit for his or hers company. To an extent… an interview is not only what I can do for the organization I am applying for but what can the company do for me? Advance my carrier, bigger pay, better benefits and so on. And if the pay or benefits are lower than our last job we prophesied or try to predict what life would be down the line with a lower rate.

Granted… when I wrote the following I stated. “Apollo who personified youthful masculinity and a god of many roles, including prophecy, music, medicine and hunting. Apollo’s most common attributes were the bow and arrow.” If you noticed, I did not mention any comment about music. I guess you can say I have saved the best for last.

For to me music is a fantastic form of escape and a great way to regroup your thoughts. It can take you to places in your mind where there is joy and bliss. And maybe in times of wandering in one’s mind while playing a song whether it classical or some other type of music style. You may discover a new thought that never came about before that may help you in life. A person can play their favorite song many times, but there can be a moment when you hear a musical tone within the song that you never heard before. A threshold of revelation… A new thought or idea, a new moment of joy. I guess this is what composers had in mind when they created the music they made, from any period of time.

The comparison has been interesting if anything it’s a unique point of view.


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