After telling most of my friends via e-mail about my new blogging adventure. Thoughts of people asking me “why would you do this?” came to mind. Granted… My first post called “Hello… And welcome to my world.” Gives a short (O-Kay… a very short) description of what I am about to do via blogging.

Here is I guess are the “full” details, if you want to call it that. Recently it has come to mind that within about a week or two of this month. That it has been a year of me being unemployed. Within this time or I should say… With all this free time that I have nowadays, that one starts to look at things differently. In a world that involves ripping and running, deadlines, meetings, planning life, and an “I want it now” attitude. You start to take a look at things in a whole new way. Within one’s life time of “running around” one I feel losses sight of things. It’s like as if we have a mission that must be completed or the evil mad scientist will take over the world if you fail.

Granted… I agree it’s rough out there now. A bad economy, prices on items are going up in stores, our bills do not go away, and of course the rent or mortgage has to be paid. And God forbid if you don’t pay a credit card bill in time…. For the bank will send a SWAT team after you. Oh… Actually I stand corrected now. Since the credit card laws have changed, they now send guys in pin stripes suites, A.K.A. lawyers to your door. Lawyers… SWAT team, It’s the same thing if you ask me. Just re-worded differently under new laws.

Are we all stressed? Yes… We are… Do I think that things will get better? I do think so… But it will take time, and like I have said before. We are living in a world of “I want it now.” Guess what? We all have to wait, even myself. For things to get better, granted… We can all do our part in making this bad economic time better. How so? By just taking a step back in our minds and regroup our thoughts. In a long-winded way, I had tried to say. Release the bad thoughts of rage and frustration.

The thoughts of rage and frustration that I noticed I was having were starting to show… Getting sick, mood swings and a short temper were starting to come about. All that know me know I am not an angry person. And somehow always have a smile on my face. A smile that’s always there without the use of Botox, and I know some of you thought I was using that. *wink* so… I had thought one day (mind you the day for me was when I had an argument on the street with a total stranger, who started the argument with an “I am the king of the world and overseer of the universe” attitude) I literally ripped him a new one. To the point of watching him turn into an amoeba and becoming the lowest living element on the food chain, buried in seven layers of dirt below the grounds of hell. I sure put him in his place.

It was shortly after that, I realized I needed a place to put my thoughts to. And that place is Lu Logic. As time goes by I will share my thoughts on what is going on in the world, and in my home city, or travels. Well… With that said, I hope you enjoyed the post. And remember… When things don’t go your way, just take a step back and breathe.


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